Ace of Swords - Cocorrina

Ace of Swords




New ideas / success / clarity / breakthrough / victory / vision


The Ace of Swords brings a fresh way of seeing things and is entirely associated with your mindset. This card encourages you to communicate clearly, especially in close relationships. This begins a new, important journey with a sharp, clear mind. Use your wisdom like a weapon. This card is about new beginnings, ideas, projects, and plans. You are able to concentrate and make all the correct decisions with clarity. One of the strongest minor cards, the Ace of Swords, symbolizes authority and power.

A fresh wave of energy is on its way to you, ensuring your success in everything and anything you set out to achieve. You are encouraged to make wise and calculated steps to whatever challenges are thrown your way. This Sword is sharp and can cut through the lies and deception, leaving a clear path of clarity and possibilities.



Emotional manipulation / self-compassion / confusion / brutality / misinformation


The Ace of Swords represented by the wind can be invasive and confusing. You are feeling extremely confused and have difficulties expressing new ideas. Regain your ability to concentrate again and confront your fears to try and resolve your traumas. These times are uncertain and chaotic, so stop making decisions until you regain clarity. Any decisions made right now may lead to failure.

This card signifies a period where you experience a creativity block, lack of vision, and concentration, which leads to frustration. Whenever a new idea emerges, you are unwilling to share it with others as you feel unsure and self-aware. Give yourself time and space to work on your ideas until you know how to execute them flawlessly.


In which areas of my life am I not being truthful?

How does conflict make me feel?