Ace of Cups - Cocorrina

Ace of Cups




Pure joy / love / creativity / new beginnings / conception / fertility


The Ace of Cups represents the bliss of unconditional love. Like all the aces, this is the beginning of things, the birth of an idea or project, and fertility in all aspects. Keep yourself open to new possibilities and relationships; this is your chance to make a fresh start. You are full of creativity, with your cup overflowing with pure joy. It’s a time when happiness flows in you, and you are proud of all your achievements and feel good about yourself. You have grown through some very challenging and dark times, and you’ve come out much stronger on the other side. Your inner voice is calling to you.

This card signifies a time of celebration and coming together. Don’t hesitate to put yourself out in the world and socialize. Everyone that comes your way will be open to you, and you will create emotionally fulfilling relationships. An abundance of good things is coming your way, and it’s time to leave behind any emotional burden holding you back and live your life to the fullest.



Repressed emotions / self-love / blocked creativity / infertility / unrequited love


The Ace of Cups reversed signifies holding back your feelings instead of letting them flow freely. The cup is overturned, and the water pours out, leaving it empty. Something that has meant much to you no longer fills you with joy. Another meaning to this reverse is that you’ve given all your energy and love to others, leaving your emotional cup empty. Someone or a situation is draining you out. It’s time to show love and compassion to yourself and realize that you deserve the love you give others. Follow your heart more freely without becoming a slave to your own emotions. This may be a period of sadness, and you may find that you lack the right mindset to socialize.

The overturned Ace of Cups may also mean you are experiencing a creative block or lack of inspiration. In either situation, you are called to examine who or what has allowed your cup to overturn and its waters to dry up.


Where are you hoping for a fresh start?

What does it mean to be completely open?