Ace of Coins - Cocorrina


Ace of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Abundance / prosperity / security / new job / financial new beginnings


The Ace of Coins rings in a season of new beginnings and prosperity. You feel optimistic, inspired, and motivated, ready to take on any challenges and achieve your dreams. Things are starting to feel positive and exciting for you as you see the positive change that stability and security bring. Financial abundance is key with the Ace of Coins and everything that comes with it: peace of mind, safety, and stability. All your dreams will become reality, so it’s time to manifest them and believe in your power.

The Aces generally represent the beginnings of a new cycle, while the Coins deal with all things financial and material. You may get a new job proposition or a business partnership; whatever the case, the outcome will bring you abundance and wealth. This card represents a seed that, like any other, once planted and tended carefully, will sprout and provide you with abundance. Imagine that this seed is your dreams coming to reality. 



Lost opportunity / bad investments / instability / poor financial state / financial delays


The Ace of Coins urges you to hold off any significant financial commitments. Generally, this card represents missed opportunities, poor control, instability, and delays. You may be allowing the fear of not having what you need to influence your behavior. Make sure you plan accordingly and put in the necessary work to achieve your goals. While things may seem insecure, this is an excellent opportunity to explore new ideas and opportunities.

The Ace of Coins, in reverse, represents instability and insecurity. You may not feel ready to take the next step or grab the opportunity, listen to any second-guessing you may have, and only make moves forward until you’re sure of the situation. You are warned that this is not the time to take financial risks and investments; instead, play it safe and be pragmatic.


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