9 The Hermit - Cocorrina

9 The Hermit




Inner guidance / retreat / introspection / self-reflection / solitude


In general, the Hermit relates to people who, by nature, are wise and seek knowledge from the very source. To tap into your energy, meditate to find answers to your questions, and surrender to your intuition in that state. You are faithful, a great friend, and a natural advice giver. You feel whole, even when alone and isolated, but you need to balance your time between nature and the outdoors as you may find yourself isolated.

Your need to reflect should always be noticed, especially when this card appears. Never miss an opportunity to let go of the clutter and clear your mind. This is a period of soul-searching, spiritual enlightenment, and meeting your needs. All the answers you seek are deep within yourself and not in the distractions of the outer world. This card invites you to contemplate and draw your energy and attention inward.



Loneliness / withdrawal / isolation / rejection


In reverse, the Hermit influences you to lose touch with the material and physical world. You lose interest in yourself and things around you as you focus more on spirituality and knowledge. You may find yourself trapped in your world; therefore, you must learn how to balance the moments of reflection with the human touch and communication. If you struggle to connect with your spiritual self, it is time to go deeper and rediscover your purpose in life.

A forever student, you may find yourself stuck in a loop of always learning and studying without ever taking a step into bigger responsibilities. Put some work into loving yourself spiritually and physically and focus more on deeper relationships rather than their quantity. Solitude might have been necessary at some point, but you’ve withdrawn too much; now is the time to return to the world.


Do I trust my own wisdom?

How can I see my situation in a new light?