8 Strength - Cocorrina

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8 Strength




Courage / compassion / stamina / power / determination / bravery / confidence


Strength represents people who have opportunities to do great things in their life. You are energetic and can be constantly productive. One of the greatest lessons in life for you is to learn how to create a safe space for yourself to rest and unwind. Work on having a strong body that carries you through to that great stamina of yours, and with constant breaks and care for your soul, you will achieve everything you set your mind on to. You are a natural leader, multitasking and enthusiastic, with an open heart.

Trust that you can endure life’s obstacles, you are committed, and with your willpower and persistence, nothing stands in your way. One of your most significant advantages is that your power often appears invisible to others as you can easily persuade and influence. You are called to tame your rawest emotions and reactions and let them out in constructive energy in which you can be creative, conscious, and balanced. This card gives you the courage and strength to overcome your fears. You have the power within you to make it through the other side.



Inner strength / raw emotion / low self-esteem / weakness / vulnerability


Strength in reverse may lead you to become aggressive and destructive, creating chaos. Your strength knows no boundaries, and you can oppress those around you. Loosen up your high expectations from others, as only some have your strength and stamina. Sometimes, you may be challenging to keep up with, so take a step back and breathe. On the other hand, this card may refer to your lack of stamina and low energy, in which case you’re called to restore your energy levels by withdrawing and resting for a while. Take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.

Maybe you lack self-confidence, and it’s time to reconnect with your inner power. Don’t let fear and anxiety paralyze you. Tap into your inner strength, remember who you are, and get back on your feet. Believe in yourself; you can pull yourself out of any dark situation. Strength reminds you of the spark and fulfillment you felt when passionate about something. Perhaps now is the time to rediscover what can spark that joy again.


How do I define strength?

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