6 The Lovers - Cocorrina

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6 The Lovers




Love / relationships / balance / union / choices / partnerships


The Lovers represent pure relationships and meaningful connections. This card indicates that you have a deep, soulful connection with a loved one; whether it’s a romantic relationship or not, it feels like you have found your soulmate. It refers to relationships based on communication, honesty between the two partners, and the purest form of closeness. On a most individual basis, it relates to the balance within oneself. This is the time to understand yourself and what your values and philosophy are in life.

You may find yourself at a crossroads with major life-changing choices to make. There’s a conflict inside you as you don’t know who and what to trust, and temptations surround you. Ensure you have all the information you need before making your decision; don’t just jump to the easiest solution. The most challenging road usually leads to great things. The Lovers is a sign of dualities and a union that makes you part of something greater than yourself.



Disharmony / self-love / imbalance / conflict / temptation / detachment 


The Lovers, in reverse, signify your inner imbalance as you feel uncertain of the direction your life is going. There is a conflict within you, but as long as you learn from your past mistakes and learn to let go, you will discover that you are the master of your destiny. Consider where your doubts come from, and regain your self-awareness. Trust that something new may be just the change that you need.

In relationships, this card signifies disconnecting and your difficulty communicating effectively. It may also refer to a relationship in which the partners have grown apart. This may be the time to move on from a romantic relationship and focus more on self-love. In reverse, this card tells you to dive deeper and discover your internal universe rather than the external. You need first to love yourself completely and without judgment to extend that love to a partner.


How do I love myself?

Does my relationship fulfill me and make me feel balanced?