4 The Emperor - Cocorrina

4 The Emperor




Authority / protection / fatherhood / structure / stability / safety


The Emperor symbolizes a figure of authority and power that inspires respect. This card usually represents the characteristics of a fatherly figure, the head of the family, responsible for the security and comfort of his family. You are taking care and guarding your loved ones, providing them stability. The Emperor calls on you to look deeper into the power dynamics of your relationships and as they manifest in your life. Focus on building solid foundations and boundaries, a system that provides safety for everyone.

In upright position, the Emperor is here to tell you that the proper role for you in this situation is the one of the leader. You have everything that it takes, and through this role, your true potential will shine through. You are not intimidated by conflicts and have a clear vision of what it takes to organize everything towards achieving your goals. This card foretells that you will soon reach a new level of mastery in your professional area. You will find yourself being acknowledged and recognized for your skills and ideas and will be able to achieve your goals quickly.



Lack of control / lack of discipline / abuse of power / rigidity


With the Emperor in reverse, you find yourself in a place of power and authority; however, what is questioned is how you use this role. Pay closer attention to how you treat the people around you and if you are abusing your power or becoming manipulative. A different representation of this card shows how others see you as a leader. However, that doesn’t quite match how you feel yourself. While you deserve this role, you’re shying away from taking responsibility and actions to lead others successfully.

In either situation, you must seek a balance between how people see you and how you feel inside, using your power to improve everyone and every situation. You must focus on that everyone utilizes their skills and is given an equal chance to shine through.


Am I dominating your loved ones in a way that makes them feel powerless?

What skills have I mastered?