3 The Empress - Cocorrina

3 The Empress




Abundance / fertility / femininity / nature / pleasure / nurturing


The Empress invites you to connect with your feminine energy. This energy usually translates to the power of creation and your sensual and creative side. A symbol of nature, the Empress is a reminder to connect with the Earth and all the beauty that surrounds you, but also get in touch with your softer side, explore your emotions, and provide empathy. It also symbolizes fertility in terms of pregnancy and the creation of all kinds, abundant natural potential, and growth.

This card foretells a period of abundance that comes after patience and determination. As a motherly figure, the Empress also reminds you to extend your nurturing side to those around you. You will likely have a strong desire to take care of others, but the fertility in the Empress can also manifest in the birth of new ideas and projects. This card reminds you to be kind to yourself and discover beauty and pleasure in everything around you.



Disharmony / infertility / insecurity /


The Empress, in reverse, draws your attention to the imbalance between your masculine and feminine energy. You may be suppressing your softer and delicate side and are called to embrace that side of yours to restore balance. Your confidence regarding your appearance may have taken a blow, and the Empress is here to remind you that outer beauty reflects your inner world. You deserve to pamper and nurture yourself and be soft with how you treat your body and mind. Don’t neglect your needs; you will lose your willpower and strength.

You are throwing yourself into your motherly instinct, and being consumed by your relationships has become unhealthy; you might be possessive or overprotective and will need to let go a little of this control.


How can I express your maternal instincts?

Where am I being too selfish?