21 The World - Cocorrina

21 The World




Completion / fulfillment / achievement / wholeness / accomplishment


The World makes you feel connected with everything and everyone around you. You are part of something greater, and the World is your home; it’s where you feel like yourself. You aim to bring peace in every aspect of your life; you are diplomatic and can quickly get balance anywhere. You shine bright when you work with projects that evolve around nature and the greater good. The World is at your feet!

The World represents the completion of a significant circle. You have gone through all the trials of the major arcana, endured the hardships that were brought upon you, and learned the lessons. Be proud of all that you’ve achieved and the valuable lessons you were taught. Your journey has come to completion, and you are ready to celebrate this accomplishment and step into the next chapter. You have been working hard for a long time and are finally on the top of the World. It’s your time to reap the benefits of all your efforts. The World is smiling upon you, and excellent opportunities are opening up. Don’t hesitate to reach them!



Lack of closure / emptiness / feeling incomplete / delays


With the World in reverse, you are running in circles trying to get completion to a relationship or situation. Without it, you feel like you can’t move forward and invite something new into your life. Stop limiting your ability to begin a new circle by hanging onto something already finished. Things have been stagnant, and you feel like you haven’t achieved everything you wanted to accomplish. You are stuck in a loop, trying to get out somehow. Perhaps now is the time to accept things as they are and leave them in the past.

You may find that you are often the center of conflicts. This energy may also manifest in someone who is closed-minded and not open to anything other than what they already know. You may also be afraid to travel and find yourself quite close to yourself. The Universe has great plans for you, and you need to let go of your fears. Start dreaming and dream big!


What makes me feel whole?

How does the World see me?