20 Judgement – Cocorrina

20 Judgement




Rebirth / absolution / inner calling / awakening / renewal / purpose


Judgement energy is expressed in people who have a lot of spiritual skills. You are very receptive to the point of others and all the metaphysical mysteries of the world. You are bright. The answers come quickly to you. People feel safe around you and continually seek out your advice and guidance. The Judgements ask you to make a huge decision that will have a lasting impact. It’s time to call upon all the lessons your journey has taught you and respond to your inner calling. Achieving your goals is within your reach, and you are entirely supported for the moment of awakening.

You have finally achieved clarity, can easily judge people and situations with wisdom, and can evaluate your choices to make the most positive decisions. You have learned from your karmic lessons and, with a renewed self-awareness, can now allow yourself to heal and be reborn.



Self-doubt / lack of self-awareness / false accusations / gossip


The Judgement, in reverse, represents inner reflection. Work on forgiving yourself and releasing reoccurring negative patterns in your life. Listen to your inner voice without being your own cruelest critic. Rather than signaling the beginning of your transformation, you are resisting moving forward.

In reverse, this card represents people who are easily influenced by the opinions of others. Often aggressive, blaming others, and forcing your opinion on others. You should start believing more in yourself and the magic around you. You are incredibly wise and powerful, but you must believe it first. Work on your spiritual development if you feel too attached to materials. You are allowing your fear and self-doubt to hold you back, making positive decisions that help you move forward. Look closely at your past challenges and see what lessons you haven’t yet learned.


How am I following my higher calling?

Do you trust your judgment?