2 High Priestess - Cocorrina

2 High Priestess




Mystery / knowledge / instinct / sensuality / fertility / subconscious


The High Priestess is here to remind you to trust your instinct and what signs you are channeling through dreams and cosmic signs. Block all the noise and voices around you, and only focus on what your gut is telling you the right path is. This card represents spirituality, so when you see it, find the opportunity to connect with your spirit and search for the answers through spiritual work.

This is also a calling to work on your inner self more than the outer self. Add time in your daily routine to reconnect with how you feel inside and deepen your connection with your inner self to understand better your abilities and talents that will help you in your journey. The High Priestess doesn’t call you to action; rather than controlling a situation, choose to observe it and look for signs and potential. Retreat, reflect, and reconnect to understand a situation better. Slow down and trust that your instincts will help you conquer fears and doubts. 



Repressed intuition / confusion / unwanted attention / doubts / emotional imbalance


In reverse, the High Priestess may indicate that you ignore your intuition or the universe's signs. Detach yourself from the material world and connect with your inner self. Open your mind to what your eyes can’t see, and connect with your inner voice. This reverse urges you to take extra care of yourself as you may have been focusing too much on others and neglecting your needs and desires. Have faith in yourself and listen more closely to your feelings. You don’t need the approval of anyone else but yourself. Shut down the noise; all the answers you seek are already within you.

All you need is confidence in your abilities, as you know better than anyone what is best for you. Dive a little deeper and face all the things you have been avoiding.


Am I following my instinct?

Do I allow others' opinions to affect what I think is best for me?