19 The Sun - Cocorrina

19 The Sun




Success / happiness / joy / vitality / confidence / optimism


The Sun's energy is expressed in people who give love, are warm, and attract others effortlessly. You shine bright like the Sun, and you are a natural teacher and love being outside and in big spaces. You are an optimist and always set goals. You shine brighter when you work for the greater good rather than just your close environment. You have a lot of energy that must be expressed in all directions, but remember to leave some of that brightness and warmth for yourself. The clouds have cleared, and the Sun shines bright once again. The Sun indicates that everything is going and will continue to go your way. All eyes are on you, and you are filled with charisma that inspires others to follow you. Always a good omen, the Sun ensures success and a path to enlightenment. Whatever you decide, the outlook will be in your favor.

Get in touch with your Sun. Remember some of your brightest memories and keep them close to your heart as a protection token.



Pessimism / unrealistic expectations / inner child / ego / oppression 


The Sun, in reverse, makes you feel burnt down. Everything is chaotic, and you either need more energy or have less of it. You may become controlling and forget how to love yourself. Don't allow negative thoughts to overcome you, while putting your energy into helping others will ignite your fire again. You may feel pessimistic right now and focus only on the negative things, but by pushing yourself to see the brighter side, you'll discover that the Sun is still shining somewhere in the world. Don't let those negative thoughts close you off from happiness; joy surrounds you.

The Sun, in reverse, indicates that you need to get back in touch with your inner child. Bring a more carefree attitude to your life, and hold a dialogue with your inner child, giving them all the love, care, and attention you need.


When do I feel the most happy?

Are there any blockages that I need to clear?