18 The Moon - Cocorrina

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18 The Moon




Illusion / intuition / subconscious / dreams / deception / insecurity


The Moon represents illusions; things may not be as they seem, and this card requests your caution. You find yourself in watery depths surrounded by mystery and an entrance to another realm where you are in touch with your intuition and subconscious. The Moon’s reflected light has lighted your path, but it’s not enough to give you complete clarity. Closely connected to dreams, this card draws your attention to hidden messages that your subconscious draws your attention to when you’re asleep.

The energy of the Moon is expressed in people who are mysterious and radiate magic, who have prophetic dreams and who are very in touch with their intuition. You may find yourself attached to the lunar cycle and easily attract everything you think of. Study the Law of Attraction and manifestation as they come naturally to you. You have a great imagination, which is how you stay in touch with the positive side of this energy.



Repressed emotion / inner confusion / truth / blocked intuition / self-deception


The Moon, in reverse, clears all illusions, and now you know what you are dealing with as the truth unravels. You still feel confused but have gained more clarity and are listening more to your instincts than your fears. The rough journey ends, and you feel much better while some anxieties remain. This card represents people prone to depression and can easily feel apathy. Phobias may be taking over you, but the first step to overcoming them is acknowledging and understanding them. Work on yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. Trust in your heart and intuition to get out of the illusions you have created.

You are urged to work through your insecurities and repressed feelings to find new clarity and shine light on your shadows. This card helps you release your fears and all the negative energy from your life.


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