17 The Star - Cocorrina

17 The Star




Faith / renewal / hope / inspiration / creativity / healing


The Star is connected with the spiritual world and expressed in creative, bright people. You are often positive and attract people easily; everyone loves being around you. You have a big heart, and when this energy is positive, you are a shining star, interested in the arts, charismatic, and easy to love. To manifest this energy, you must always follow your heart and do things you love.

This card represents hope and peace of mind, reminding you to trust and be confident even when times are challenging. All will be well. You are provided with renewed energy and a sense of newfound hope. You will receive back what you give; wishes are fulfilled, luck and magic are on your side. You have come through a rough period, and you now have a renewed sense of hope and understanding of what it takes to find your inner balance. You are now open to heal the wounds of the past and embrace whatever the future holds for you.



Luck of trust / disconnection / despair / hopelessness / lack of inspiration / monotony


In reverse, this card might make you feel hopeless, but it only reflects how you feel, not how things truly are. You must take responsibility for your attitude and face the changes you must make. The Star urges you to remember what is truly important to you. Take small steps every day toward your dream. It’s in your hands to allow hope back into your life, and you will start seeing opportunities everywhere once again. Hold your chin high. It is time to heal the past, mend all the wounds, and leave what has hurt you behind. Focus on the positive things and make small changes every day. 

The Star, in reverse, represents people who have a big ego, which makes them feel that they are greater than everyone else. On the other side, you may not believe in your greatness and may have forgotten how to take care of yourself. A spark is missing in you, and you need to find your way back to your heart. Open your heart and your doors, and find the joy in life again. 


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