16 The Tower – Cocorrina

16 The Tower




Chaos / sudden change / awakening / destruction / trauma / disaster


The Tower is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. Things may often feel like they are too much in your life. However, everything is happening for the greater good. You may have felt a wake-up call, which is what this energy is all about. This is your time for your spiritual awakening. You understand the essence of life and how things work in the Universe. You know how to live life, and you see things from a different point of view. Your calling may lead you to help others with their awakening, as you are the best person to share your experiences. This energy symbolizes being reborn twice, one with your body and one with your spirit.

The Tower signals a time of drastic change. The ground beneath your feet shakes and prepares itself for a new foundation. This change will be immediate, and you’ll find yourself disoriented. This is a wake-up call. A shocking revelation and glimpses of truth will bring your world upside down. While frightening, you will have the opportunity to rebuild new foundations based on truth.



Fear of change / delaying the inevitable / averting disaster / avoiding loss


The Tower in reverse indicates your resistance to change or the change you need is delayed. Accept all the things you need to release and let go as you prepare for the new chapter in your life. It doesn’t help to cling to your past habits and thinking, so free yourself from them, and you’ll be surprised by how much it will be worth it. Learn from your lessons to prevent repeating the same mistakes and finding yourself in the same situation.

This card, in reverse, represents a person who focuses only on the hardships in life and never sees the lessons. Live consciously, and don’t allow your thoughts to wander around; instead, stay in the present. Let go of the past and understand that greater powers are guiding you. Share your vision with the world and accept others as they are. Don’t be afraid to try new things; be bold for a change.


Where do I need to make a drastic change?

How do I handle things that other people initiate?