15 The Devil – Cocorrina

15 The Devil




Addiction / attachment / oppression / dependency / powerlessness


The Devil signifies a period where you feel trapped and restricted, as forces beyond your control are overpowering you. You may feel like you've lost your freedom; however, that's an illusion, as restrictions do not bind you. You are always in control of your destiny; you must remember and regain your power. It would be best not to tolerate negativity or manipulation; stand up for yourself. At the same time, you need to be mindful of how you treat others, as you may be in a position to manipulate or overpower them.

As a person, the Devil is the happiest and most cheerful person you will know. Always the center of attention, you are active and a true leader with a deep connection to the material world. Work on bridging your connection from the material to the spiritual world. You need to have the greatest things in life; when manifested positively, you always attract them. You are respectful and know how to share your riches. Work on balancing the two contrasts you feel in you, the light and the darkness, and work on developing your spirit.



Releasing limiting beliefs / detachment / independence / freedom / reclaiming control


You are finally becoming aware of everything that has been keeping you trapped, but also your role in allowing toxic situations to continue. This card, in reverse, is a wonderful sign of hope that no matter what you have been going through, addictions, harmful behaviors, and such, you are finally starting to see the light in the tunnel. It would help if you made many changes to regain your freedom and control of your life, and while they won't be easy, they are necessary to bring happiness and tranquility.

In reverse, the Devil represents a person attached to the material world, dependent on money and relationships. There is inner aggression boiling in you, and your goals are superficial, always focused on how others see you. Always be mindful of how you achieve what you want, and consider others' feelings.


What am I trapped in?

Am I feeding an addiction?