14 Temperance - Cocorrina

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14 Temperance




Balance / purpose / moderation / good health / finding solutions / tranquility


Temperance, in general context, symbolizes balance and moderation. You have found harmony in your relationships and inner harmony. You can now quickly adapt to situations with a clear mind and can avoid being involved in conflicts that throw you off your balance. You are aligned with your inner compass, and at this point, it’s easy for you to focus on your goals and aspirations. This card is about feeling completely content and being in touch with yourself. You and your emotions are in check now, and you have truly mastered maintaining your balance under pressure.

This card signifies that you are perceptive to the energies and are pulled towards the arts, music, and spiritual world. Temperance symbolizes an “old soul,” and you are not interested in the material world. Enriching your soul is what truly matters to you. You appreciate and see the beauty around you and strive to work with the divine energy. The water is an element that is incredibly healing to you.



Imbalance / re-alignment / discord / recklessness / antagonism


Temperance, in reverse, warns you of reckless behavior and overindulgence. The opposite of its upright version, this card signifies you have lost your alignment with yourself and your inner calm and are no longer in balance. You are probably seeking fulfillment in the wrong places, but remember that tranquility starts from within rather than outer factors and addictions. You need to gain a better perspective and step back to see the bigger picture of the situation. Take a break and re-evaluate why you are acting the way you are and how you can regain your balance.

You are focused more on the material world and don’t believe in yourself. Work on being kinder to those around you and find ways to spark your interest in the arts and develop your spirit. The energy of Temperance in reverse is prone to bad habits, and you can balance it by focusing on creating good ones. Take yourself to swim, drink water, or take long relaxing baths. Have faith in love and the divine energies.


How do I maintain balance?

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