13 Death – Cocorrina

13 Death




Release, transformation, endings, change, letting go, transition.


Death signifies the completion of a circle, the ending of a chapter, and the beginning of a new one. You are leaving your past behind and cutting out what is no longer necessary to you. You are transitioning from one phase to another, and while things may not always look easy or promising, this change is for the best. There's no resisting this inevitable change, so to make the transition painless, all you can do is welcome and accept it.

The Death card usually represents a person who is mystical and unpredictable. You are creating changes around you; in everything old, you bring rebirth. You are not afraid of anything extreme, and you have a great connection and understanding of the cycle of life. It's easy to let go of the past and accept closed doors. Nothing in life is static, so the cyclical change brings you to life. You are fearless and easily bored; you are creative, bold, and innovative.



Fear of change, resistance, stagnancy, decay


Death, in reverse, still signifies change. However, you are greatly resisting it. Embracing change isn't always as easy as it sounds, and you find it quite challenging to let go of your past. You can accept it rather than fight it, which could lead you to a stagnant phase in your life—exercise by saying yes to new opportunities and seeing how brighter your future becomes. Create room for all the good things you need to invite in your life by letting go of what no longer serves you. Another interpretation of the reversed Death card is that something keeps you in a cycle of fear and anxiety.

With this card, you can only concentrate on a few things simultaneously, and it's difficult for you to close one door and move on to the next. Sometimes, life feels like a war instead of a beautiful adventure, and you risk too much. Work on letting go of the past, things that have hurt you, and the fear of death. Focus on finishing one thing before moving on to the next.


What am I avoiding to let go?

What do I need to release?