12 The Hanged One - Cocorrina

12 The Hanged One




Sacrifice / waiting / new perspective / surrender / letting go


The Hanged One is a reminder that we sometimes need to put things on hold before moving forward. You are asked to leave the outdated mentality that no longer serves you and look at the situation from a new perspective. With this fresh point of view, you will discover new opportunities that would otherwise be hidden. Listen to your intuition to let you know when to pause and look at your environment with fresh eyes. These pauses will come either way, and the Universe may throw them in your way unless you take the time off alone.

This card represents people with a main goal in life that evolves around serving others and sharing unconditional love and compassion. You have a different way of seeing life and always see a different aspect of things. You are an empath, and you're often affected deeply by the troubles of others as you feel it in your core to heal all the wounds and cure every pain. You may need to allow others to go through hardships as sometimes it's the only way for them to feel independent and free.



Stagnation / apathy / indecision / resistance / detachment / impulsiveness


The Hanged One, in reverse, makes you controlling and demanding attention. You may feel disconnected, and that pushes you to make rush decisions. You may often find yourself in the victim mentality, but be aware of the law of the Universe, which brings back to you what you attract. The power of manifestation is excellent, and if you feel like the victim, you might end up being one. This card signifies that you are giving away your energy and sacrificing a lot without getting anything back in return. Fear overwhelms you, making you unwilling to invest in the future. Instead of completely giving up, you can look at these negative patterns and see how to break that toxic cycle.

In another interpretation, the Hanged One in reverse could mean you're making impulsive decisions or completely hanging in apathy. While you can't change what's already done, you can always shift your perspective on how you deal with similar situations in the future.


How do I show my patience?

When have I made a sacrifice in the past?