11 Justice - Cocorrina

11 Justice




Truth / fairness / law / cause and effect / accountability / honesty


As a symbol of truth and karmic justice, this card reminds you that the decisions you make now have a long-term effect in the future. Your actions, whether they have been good or bad, will be judged with fairness. Every decision you make has a consequence, so now is an excellent time to see how your past actions have contributed to where you are now.

Justice represents people who focus on finding the truth and what is fair. You are a bright person with a talent for sharing knowledge and a strong intuition. You love order and can flourish in the business management world. Rely more on your intuition rather than your logic, and be more accepting of others' sides and opinions. The Law of Justice and Karma exist in the Universe and take care of everything; avoid getting involved to achieve more harmony in your life. Learn to let go and seek that balance no matter if the current circumstances aim to throw you off it. Things may be out of your control, but remember you always have the power of choice.



Dishonesty / unfairness / injustice / corruption / 


Justice in reverse indicates that injustice is taking place or that you may be unfairly affected by the choices of others. You may feel victimized, and while you may be unfairly blamed for something you aren't responsible for, you can always maintain balance by choosing how you react to it. If you have played a part in what you are being blamed for, it's good to take accountability for your actions. Instead, avoid blaming others, learn from your mistakes, and grow wiser from your lessons.

This card represents people who can easily attract what they think of. Spend time studying how karma works and how it can affect you. You may be fiery and aggressive sometimes and resistant to learning from your lessons. Avoid being persistent, especially when you feel the world is unfair and unjust. Justice brings a fair outcome no matter who is involved.


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