10 Wheel of Fortune - Cocorrina

10 Wheel of Fortune




Fate / change / luck / life cycles / destiny / karma


With the Wheel of Fortune, things come quickly to you; your life is full of opportunities and is always divinely protected. The Universe always has your back, and you are guided. There is a plan for you, even if it's unclear. You can make it all happen and surrender to believing everything works in your favor. Be optimistic and work hard, set your goals, and the Universe will provide. Generally, this card symbolizes good luck and signifies that significant changes are coming.

This card represents the ever-changing cycles of life, teaching you to let go and adapt to changes quickly. The Wheel forever turns, and there's no way to stop it; resisting change will only keep you stagnant. Accept this process as a beautiful part of life, even with its uncomfortable twists and turns, and remember that nothing remains forever; that's the beauty of it. With things lining up in your favor, you can develop your understanding of your role in this life.



Lack of control / resistance to change / disorder / unwelcome change / delays


The Wheel of Fortune, in reverse, signifies that other people easily influence you, and their beliefs can easily convince you. Ultimately, you end up living other people's dreams and lives. You need to find the courage and strength to do what you genuinely want, trust that you are guided, and listen to your heart. Surrender to your intuition.

This card reversed, also symbolizes change, but it's not easily accepted or welcomed. The coming change will be challenging to adjust to, and there will be nothing you can do to stop it. You may feel powerless and believe that the Universe is working against you. However, that is only partially the case. The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes karma; in this case, this sudden deterioration could result from your past actions and decisions. You must take ownership of your actions and regain control of the situation. Challenging times may lie ahead, but remember you are always in control of your outlook.


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