1 Magician - Cocorrina

1 Magician




Skill / ability / willpower / intellect / resourcefulness / manifestation


The Magician combines and uses all the elements of nature to achieve what she wants. Like her, you are reminded of the skills and abilities you will need in your journey. With determination and willpower, you can fulfill your greatest desires. Remember that you are powerful; you only need to focus and manifest your dreams. This is a time when magic runs in your veins, your thoughts attract everything you dream of, and you have faith in your creativity.

This card tells you to keep an open mind and not hold anything back. Now is the right time to show your true abilities. Utilize your potential as best as possible, set your intentions, consciously choose a direction, and focus all your energy on it. Declare your intentions to the Universe; speak loudly and clearly.



Manipulation / cunning / illusion / unused abilities / greed


The Magician represents illusions. Therefore, it warns you of traps disguised to trick and manipulate you. Be careful not to miss opportunities that may also be in disguise and right in front of you. Build up your confidence, and don’t let your self-doubt stop you. You have nothing to lose; be courageous to go after what you want.

See this as an opportunity to reconnect with your vision. If you feel your passion has dimmed out, return to what ignites that spark.


What skills do I need to master to get the outcome I desire?

What do I need to transform?