27 February 2015


One of my hobbies lately, has been pattern making. And for a good secret project. But on my free time, i love just sitting in the living room and just working with random brushes, colours and creating beautiful concepts. 

Although i'm more of a scenery on my desktop kind of person, it's nice to have something liberating and creative from times to times. And bringing back the pick me up Fridays, you're the best, don't forget it. Happy weekend friends! 

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26 February 2015


I bet you all have some interesting story to share with a client who was rude, or demanding, or having a bad behaviour overall. Thankfully i've been lucky to have just a few of those. A good 99% of the people i've worked with are pure angels.

But how about the rest 1%? Hope you're not sick of me going on and on about how the world would be a better place if we were all kind to each other. It's so easy to loose yourself in an argument or get carried away. In the end, i don't think anyone feels better or justified. On the contrary whenever i've lost my temper, had made me feel really bad and unprofessional, even when you have to deal with the worst behaviour.

Kill them with kindness, even if they don't deserve it, and you'll be always the one to have peaceful relationships. 

25 February 2015


We may be in the middle of winter here, and haven't seen a dry sunny day in about two weeks, it's the first time we have so many flowers in the house. Besides the fact that you grow older, birthday is kinda cool :) 

And you know me, there's no way i leave these beauties go to waste. So if you're deep in snow, i'll be sending spring vibes your way within the next couple weeks! 

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23 February 2015


You may be sick and tired of eyes, maybe not, but you guys, i'm into eyes too! I've seen so many inspiring designs around, with brushes, patterns, all kinds of styles and thought i should create a set with my own personal style. 

Not sure where the origin of the eye is from. I guess there are many! Like in Greece, there's the evil eye to keep you from bad thoughts and spirits. Although most of people believe in the evil eye, and i'm all about the out of the ordinary (more than you know) i don't quite believe that the evil eye really works. I do love the idea behind it, and how it works as a talisman though and icon for protection. 

 Do you happen to know the origin or the story behind this eye? 

20 February 2015


Growing up, i was literally raised on tea. Don't know if that's a Russian thing, but my grandmother would have always tea ready for me, to a point that i had completely stopped drinking water. Even now, Theo and i have a whole collection with tea in a lovely wooden box. 

The first thing that caught my eye on your tea, was the brand. They seriously had me at the pinks and the lovely patterns. And then when i started reading all the benefits, and the different kinds of flavours, i was seriously moved. 

I can hardly believe it, but this Sunday i'm turning 26. Even just writing about it sounds and feels old. And all i feel is that i'm stuck at 24. But what i've grown to respect, is my body and health. Anything that helps me stay in shape or make me healthier, i'm sold. 

So i spent a big part of this morning just sitting at the dinner and taking shots of my personal tea party. The light, the reflections where all so lovely and i completely felt at peace and inspired and i think it shows as this is one of my favourite shots ever. My card was full after 15 minutes, that's all i have to say! 

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend, and see you on Monday, when i'll be officially 26 for the first day. 

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19 February 2015


I've been extremely lucky to have been working on dream projects from the start of '15. One of which i shared a sneak peak earlier this week, can't wait to show you more about it. 

This design was one of the pattern options for that project. On top of everything, i've been practising on line art for my upcoming tattoo. And did you see how Chelsea tattooed the Observe Totem? So awesome seeing your work on someones skin :D 

Is there something Mexican about this or is it just me? I'm seriously dreaming covering my whole arm with one those! 

18 February 2015


As you already know, i'll be speaking at the Hive Conference in Berlin in April, and this whole week (and the next to follow) i've been working on my subject. I'll be talking about self branding, and some other interesting stuff, and writing everything down, has helped me to see everything so much clearer, with a whole different perspective once again. 

I've already talked about passion, and how it gets you everywhere, anywhere you want to, but there are so many other things that make your life, your self, your brand successful. Strength comes from within. No matter how awesome your brand is, no matter how you go by the book, unless you're driven, motivated, passionate, nothing will work. 

The past years, blogging, social networking, the whole competition has brought a whole different self in me. A side that i'm really glad that i have. Being determined on anything i do, makes my heart so much lighter. Having a purpose, and goal, setting eyes on it and go. That's just it, so easy.