19 December 2014


One of the best moments during Christmas season, is lounging on the couch and drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree. Hot chocolate always makes me feel happy and it's definitely my got to drink when i'm down. 

When i was younger, i had tried the aztec chocolate in my dad's coffee shop and i totally fell for it! So i decided to share with you my "secret" recipe. Trust, you'll completely love it, especially if it's cold where you are. 

What you'll need, is pretty much what you already have in your kitchen:

Chocolate to melt
Chilli Powder
Ground Cinnamon for dusting
Whipped Cream
Vanilla Extract 
Cinnamon Stick

My recipes are a bit messy, for those who know me already, i'm not much of a cooking type of girl. I feel like i don't belong in the kitchen, and as a result i don't usually measure anything, and just go with my gut. Also, i always prefer the easiest and quickest ingredients. If it's remade for me, i'll take it!

My suggestion to you, is to prepare the hot chocolate as you usually would. I normally warm up the milk, throw the cocoa in, and for this recipe, would melt 1/4 of the chocolate and combine it with the rest of mixture.

Then, i add just a touch chilli powder, 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon and vanilla extract. At this point, if you want you can add any type of liquor as much as you want. Add the whipped cream, sprinkle some cinnamon, and add the cinnamon stick. And then simply enjoy!

There are so many reasons to love chocolate, with one of the being that it's really really good for you! Did you know that:

Dark Chocolate contains lots of antioxidants that help the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure

Eating dark chocolate widens arteries and promotes healthy blood flow that can prevent buildup of plaque that can block arteries.

A single chocolate chip can give you enough energy to walk 150 feet.

Eating chocolate can prevent tooth decay and works as an anti-bacterial agent.

Need more reason to eat chocolate? I definitely don't!

18 December 2014


Well that's a new one! So proud of my babe having his first appearance on my what i wore column. But he did such a good job. Personally, i find it like the most difficult thing to get a present for a guy. Usually i just throw my hands up and completely avoid doing so. Or just simply ask them lol 

Theodore ever since i met him was completely madly in love with wood. If he wasn't doing what he's doing now, i bet he'd die to be carpenter. Building treehouse, and wooden ducks and stuff like that. 

So it was pretty obvious that he would fall in love with this Jord watch. It's made out of wood, and seriously, it looks completely amazing. Jord watches come out in all kinds of random type of woods, and they are both for ladies and gents.

They definitely make the perfect present for those who have a weak spot for wood, or those who like something more out of the ordinary. One thing for sure, i know that my guy loves it!

17 December 2014


I bet that amongst everything during Christmas, one of the favourite things to do, is preparing the Christmas table. Although we're still not sure what the plans are for this year, i'm pretty sure that i want lots and lots of greenery decorations.

So i've prepared 4 sets of printable cards for your Christmas table. You can use them as a small menu, place cards, or simply wishing cards. And you can do so much more. Although i've got some gold on them, they might not be printed nice. You can always add some glue and glitter on the gold dots to make them really pop. Enjoy!

16 December 2014


There's something about men's wear that completely drives me crazy. I could easily wear everything they have in their wardrobe. Besides being comfortable, oddly enough it makes me feel sexy and definitely strong and confident.

I've been wanting to get an artist shirt for quite a while now, and when i spotted this one on asos, i was like yup, that's the one.

What you can't easily spot is those incredible spike earrings. I could wear them in my sleep, how much i adore them. And a good pink blazer, goes with absolutely everything. 

People might be calling me crazy, but i wear it with my sweatpants running chores in the town. Now i've got my eye on a longer version of this one.

everything asos

15 December 2014


And the line art obsession goes on and on! On my last line art totem, i've received so many words, ideas, from goddesses, to words of value. I'll be working on them slowly (hopefully will get to create all of them!) but one hit me right away. One that has been dear to me long now. 

Moon and magic. Something that you shouldn't know about me, is that i've been studying history of magic, the dark ages, during the Tudors, and in general in Scotland. The history, and the way people thought, acted, how completely different times where always fascinated me. And on top of everything, it was a good study for my book. 

By now, i'm the expert for this topic, after having studied so many book, studies and researches. It's something i've always wanted. To get a grip on a subject and learn everything about it by heart. So yeah, this could be even my favourite totem. Even more because the dashed lines are giving it a nice texture.

And not to mention, that i'm actually practising on those, since i'll be creating a line art totem tattoo for my arm. Just have to decide what. Magic, bravery, got so many things i want to dress my body into! 

12 December 2014


You see what i did with the bees in the cover? Nothing pays off more than working hard. Most of the emails i receive is about sharing that little secret, on what i do. What courses i took for graphic design, what brushes i use, what paper, process etc. 

And although i totally get how those can be helpful to those who are just starting, let me spoil the magic for you. There's no secret. No specific courses i ever took, no specific brushes. I could letter on all kinds of brushes, from pen brushes, to watercolour, on any kind of paper. The secret lies on working hard and practising daily. It's like taking over a specific subject, and working on it daily. At first everything you do is going to be crappy (unless anything you touch turns into gold). Day by day, it's going to get better. Doesn't that make sense? Can you imagine how far you'll have come after a whole year? 

That of course, i think applies to just about everything. From blogging, to lettering, to aesthetics, graphic design, any kind of new and old skill. You shouldn't let go of any day, and just keep practising. All that it takes is love and passion on what you and the rest will come. 


11 December 2014


Literally, i fought through the whole, getting ready for vacation process. The work overload to wrap up everything, was completely exhausting. But, after a whole year, i'm able to finally take some time off. The last time, was exactly a year ago, in December, when i was in Athens for my surgery. And boy, that was some weird time off. Not needing any other like that! 

Can't really put my mind into just how many things happened through the whole year. It must have been the most exciting, successful, sad, and terrifying year of them all. But most of everything, it treated me SO well. And what's not better take the time to enjoy the last days of this year. 

You'll find me somewhere in Athens, with the hubs, spending time with family, friends, relaxing and having fun. I've already scheduled posts for all the time i'll be away, so this blog, simply will go on as i never left! I decided to go on with my posts, instead of having guest posters. It's such a busy month, that i just didn't want to burden anyone. 

Honestly, i may even believe that the posts now on, are probably even of the best through the year. I've got some awesome Christmas recipes, printable, the freelance life posts, wallpapers, all festive spirited! 

You can still reach me through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And i'll definitely be checking on your comments here daily. My email will be in auto response though. I'll be checking them as well, but tweet me if it's something emergent :) 

Although, i'm not really leaving from the social media and blog, i wish you have the best last days of this year. Make it even more awesome than it really was. And if it wasn't, you still got some time to change the whole year around. Sending you all my love