1 September 2014


Happy September 1st everyone! Well ain't that exciting? September always smells to me like new beginnings, refreshing and calm. And boy do i need all that! And not mention a new Fall wardrobe. I couldn't not participate in this awesome giveaway organised by Janee with lots of wonderful people participating. 

You can win a $450 gift card on the shop of your preference. The giveaway will run until the 15th of September, and it's open to all international readers. Give those people some love, and good luck! I will definitely be adding some new black and whites in my own wardrobe this Fall.

cover and lettering designed by cocorrina

thank you for making this happen

29 August 2014


While my girl Trina is away seeing family, i'm taking over her blog. All i've been hearing lately is how warm summer is for everyone / everywhere. I've already said my goodbyes, but it just won't go. Well, September is just a step away! 

But still for all normal people, summer being your favourite season i know it's hard to let go of the beaches, cocktails and summer dresses. Hopefully the wallpapers i designed for of trees and hues will make your transition smoother. This summer was epic, but the autumn will be even more! 

wallpapers at of trees and hues

28 August 2014


Besides playing around with vegetables and herbs and making patterns, i've been thinking today how much i would love to have my own garden. You know the type of, i want to eat a tomato and go grab one from outside. Not sure if i shared this with you before, but i would easily go vegetarian. I can basically live only with salads and fruits. At the moment it's not something i can do just like that, but the idea is going to happen at some point. 

In the house we live now, we have two balconies, no garden. But i could always start with small pots right? 

I'm definitely going to do my research, but i would love to hear straight from the experts. Do you have a mini garden? You think having veggies and herbs in pots is something that could happen? What about winter? Do they get to survive cold? Thanks for any tips in advance, can't wait to make my own salad :)

26 August 2014


We've all been in the position where we beat ourselves up for a mistake, when we fail, or when we  simply want more. It's always easier to be our worst judge and except the most. But how healthy is it? 

Personally, i'm still trying to figure this out. Most of the times, my passion and excitement, how i'm always pushing for more, and being really, hard on myself to be the best i can lead me to do greater things. To evolve and stay determined. When you've got eyes on the goal, only one thing can happen; you can succeed. 

But i've found myself so many times exhausted, by pushing and beating myself up on why i couldn't do that extra something. Sometimes i've even found myself trying to be perfect in everything i do. And i only fail myself, because it's practically impossible. 

Trying hard is the best you can do. And for today, let's all think that the best we can do, is good enough. It's actually even perfect.

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25 August 2014


Where to begin right? Haven't written any personal posts in a long long time. Life just goes so fast, sometimes it's difficult to grab on to a moment. It's always decisions, decisions and big steps. 

August, was.. tricky. I never expected to have so much work in the middle of summer, but i'm always grateful. Nevertheless i won't hide from you, i'm so eager for it to end. Just a week away, and we're closer to Autumn. Well, for most of you at least, because summer goes on and on here. Already missing my normal 8-5 schedule, yoga, watching my episodes while it's raining outside, warm coffee and a blanket. 

I always have that - we only live once thought in my mind. Seriously, why should we restrict ourselves and not go after what we want. The thought of living in different places in the world for a few months like Thailand, Scotland, Norway, and all a few islands has been travelling in my mind a lot. I feel like i'm missing adventures. There's a very thin line between chasing your dreams when it comes to work and being dedicated to it, and living life. Still trying to balance it all. 

And then so many opportunities come your way when you do what you love.  Earlier this month, i was offered by an big clothing company, to travel to London for the Fashion week. I mean come on! Things like that only happen once. Due to lots of reasons i won't be able to travel, but i can't wait for the next time already. Picking outfits already. 

Between freelancing, blogging, and writing a book (yes it's official - i started!) i still feel like i'm not doing enough. There wasn't an official post about it, but i closed my jewellery shop for good. I know i left you with promises of a new jewellery line coming - which was literally in the process. But. It was taking too much out of me. Mostly because i'm not a professional shop owner. I just love creating, and dealign with orders, frustrated clients, was stressing the hell out of me. I've been asked a lot for handwriting prints, but it feels like nowadays everybody has a print shop. Guess i have to play with the thought just a big. 

And to leave you with something positive. Being a nervous, stressed person by birth, i'm doing my best to stay calm and positive at all times. Thinking only the best about the others, and trying the best i can be. Maybe we'll all live in a better world someday. 

Wish you all a truly wonderful and exciting week! 

22 August 2014


As summer comes to an end (can i shout a yay to that?) i decided to share with you another couple of favourite cocktails. Like i previously said, i don't drink alcohol, but not going to deny, that i like the taste of light cocktails with just a hint of it. 

Although these illustrations already look a little like autumn - i know i got my winter nostalgia mood on - i found them in a summer cocktail section over at Martha Stewart. Wouldn't say no to any of them, in matter of fact i'll be giving them a shot! 

In a small saucepan combine 2 cups of water with with the sugar and thyme. Bring to boil over high heat, until the sugar has been dissolved. Remove from heat, and let it cool to room temperature. 

Pour mixture through a fine sieve into a large glass measuring cup, and discard the thyme. You should have 2 cups of syrup. Cover with plastic and chill. 

In a large serving pitcher, stir together lemon juice, vodka and chilled syrup and garnish with thyme. 

Roughly chop mint leaves.

Puree blackberries, mint and sugar in a blender. Press through a fine sieve into a bowl and discard the seeds. 

Rinse blender, then return puree to blender and bourbon and small ice cubes. Blend until mixture is smooth. Divide mixture among 4 glasses. Garnish each with a mint spring.

recipes by martha stewart
illustrations by cocorrina

21 August 2014


Could there be a more perfect combination? I love it when i get clients who have the same style with mine, and this is something that happens quite a lot lately. Working on these ones, made me crave creating grey and copper business cards, but i'm still holding on to my previous design. 

Black and gold is definitely a trend, but grey and copper is just as strong.

At the moment, there's not a lot i can share from this project. But the very basic is here, and i couldn't love this project more than i already do. Well that happens with each and every one of them but still, i can't help but saying it. And of course, even more calligraphy. I get so obsessed with it lately, i keep having lots and lots of ideas of what i could do with it. For now, i'll just rest and let winter come with a bunch of new projects and shops to work on.