22 July 2014


Hello new friends! I’m Alecia from LIKES OF US, and I was so excited when Corina asked me to guest post while she is away soaking up the sun. 

I’m getting ready to head out on a trip myself to one of my favorite places on Earth, Palm Springs. My husband and I went last year for the first time and stayed here. As a freelance designer/blogger, it’s hard to take time for a real vacation, and even when I do I find it can be difficult for me to relax and not think about work. However, Palm Springs seems to be the one place that rejuvenates me and allows me to let go of my to-do list and take it all in. It is the best feeling!

So with my upcoming trip in a few weeks, I know what will be heading out the door with me.

Do any of you have any fun relaxing vacation plans this summer?

21 July 2014


Hello lovely Cocorrina readers! Victoria here from Oh So Pretty  and I’m sending you some happy summer vibes. I know Corina is having an amazing time in Athens right now, what’s everyone else up to? This is the first year I haven’t really been able to fully enjoy summer - no vacay, no beach, no pool time - there’s just been a whole lotta working and moving. But as we are halfway through summertime, I’m making it a point to take a break, relax and just enjoy this time. Inspired by my love for summer + watermelon, I’ve designed some simple “happy summer” cards for you to download and print. Enjoy!

18 July 2014


Hi there! I’m Brianna from the Observant Nomad and I’m here to share a special diy post just for Cocorrina readers. I hope you’re all enjoying these guest posts while Corina is away relaxing. When Corina asked me to come up with a diy post while she’s away on a stay-cation, I knew I had to say yes. I love everything this girl does; from gorgeous jewelry, to design, and all of it in between, she is killing it!

So when I started picking my brain on what to make, I knew I wanted to try my hand at a fashion trend for summer. Have you noticed the amazing kimonos that are everywhere right now? I love the detailed patterns, feminine silhouettes, and the fact that they make great cover-ups for the beach. Unfortunately they seem to be a tad pricey for such a trendy item. So I knew a kimono would be the perfect diy choice. But I am not very good with a sewing machine (and I know I can’t be the only one) so I decided to attempt to make my very own without any sewing! And it turned out to be pretty easy to do.

So here’s what you’ll need:


+ a square cotton/cotton-based scarf (about 40” x 40”) I used a thrifted scarf for my kimono - it already had these cute little tassels and was made of cotton which is important for the no-sew stitch witch tape. you might want to measure your arm span and use that length as the dimensions for your kimono. As you can see mine’s on the shorter side, so if you want to make yours longer you’ll have to use a scarf longer on one end.
+ decorative elements (tassels, fringe, etc.)
+ scissors
+ sewing pins
+ iron
+ ironing board
+ washing cloth or dish cloth

17 July 2014


Hello darlings! Jacquelyn here from Lark & Linen holding down the for while my dear friend Corina is taking a wee summer break. While she's gone, I thought it only made sense to share one of my all time favourite warm weather beverage: the strawberry basil bellini. It's the perfect treat to enjoy on a particularly warm summers' day. It makes for easy drinking with just the right amount of sweet, and pairs perfectly with a sunny patio. Enjoy!  

The recipe (adapted from: carolina girl cooks)

2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled, plus more for garnish
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
10-12 fresh basil leaves
Champagne or prosecco


In a medium saucepan, combine strawberries, basil, sugar and water and cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes. At this point strawberries should be soft and the juices should start to release.

Pour into heat-proof bowl and cool in fridge for 30 minutes.

Place in blender or food processor and blend until smooth, then pour through a fine strainer. 

To assemble, add 1/4 strawberry mixture to your glass, top with champagne or prosecco and garnish with a ripe strawberry and sprig of basil! 

16 July 2014


Hello, Ashley from Sugar & Cloth here! I was so excited when Corina asked me to put together a quick summer recipe for the blog while she's traveling as I love her aesthetic and think we could be secret foodie best friends.

As such, I thought it would be fitting to stick with the widely loved donut trend, but this time making them bathing suit friendly with a low-calorie fruit donut bite! It might not taste quite the same as freshly baked dough, but they're sweet and just as cute...

- Fruit of your choice, I used large apples and watermelon
- Yogurt chips for melting
- Sprinkles (non-optional)
- Gel food coloring for colored icing (optional)
- 2.5 inch and 1 inch round cookie cutters

To make the bites, simply slice your fruit of choice (which can be anything that allows to be sliced large enough for the cookie cutters without eating the core or rinds) and use the large cookie cutter first making evenly sized circles, then you the smaller cutter to cut out a middle hole.

Next, melt the yogurt chips and drizzle over top of the cut-out fruits and add a dash of sprinkles while still melted.

Serve immediately (or even fondue style!) for a quick, yet healthy summer treat.

15 July 2014


Can't believe it's this time already! I only remember last year so clearly when i was waving goodbye to you and had scheduled a 2 full months of guest posts. 

Although i've been saying just how much i'm always full of inspiration, the body and brain just have to rest at some point. And this time off, is sooo needed. Thinking about why i feel so exhausted, i look back at the year that passed by. A painful and nerve racking surgery, a bad start of the year with a full month of terrifying and dangerous earthquakes, loosing friends, and now having issues with our house. Sigh. I got more on my list to go on, but the great and beautiful things are just as many! Like starting our own company in the US, gaining new friends, being in the best phase of both our relationship and work. 

Nevertheless, after such a year, definitely now more than ever i'm going to enjoy and sink in every second of it. Whatever i'm doing. Some truly AMAZING people are on this summer's team and for a few weeks they're going to keep you some company. I promise you, you're not going to want me back. After that i have a few posts scheduled, so don't foul yourself. I won't be back till September. Everything's scheduled and will work like a clock. 

The plan is to start with a business trip to Athens, and then return with my young sister, who's going to spend hopefully about a month with us. She's 11, and you can understand just how hard it has been on us living in such a distance. We're definitely going to make up for the lost time! Then, we have more friends visiting and staying with us - which is always great news. 

So many wonderful things await in September and i can't wait to be back with all of you again! Hope you all have a great summer, enjoy every moment guys, we all worth it!

ps. the pattern is inspired by a box i've had long long time now. Every time it smells and reminds me of summer
pps. i'm gust posting on Miranti today, with a lana del rey almost inspired wallpaper. Check it out here

aloha wallpaper

14 July 2014


About two years ago, when we had my sister stay for a week, we decided to experiment, and make frozen coca cola. Turning some cola, and then smashing the hell out of it, turned out to be really tasty and not just fun. I kinda remembered that since my sister's visiting us soon again, and turned it into something more classy. 

I'm pretty sure you've never heard of frozen champagne right? I did my research, and couldn't find something similar, hopefully not for a particular reason! Having grown in Russia, it's only normal that i'm obsessed with raspberries, and lately i've discovered a new juice, with raspberries  and strawberries that's pure heaven.


Raspberry Juice
Raspberry champagne or pink champagne, or simple champagne 
Fresh raspberries if you prefer


Being as lazy as i am, i usually prefer really simple recipes. Like put this and that -which you already have in the fridge- and you're done. The closest thing we have to raspberries here is the frozen ones, which i haven't tried yet. So if you prefer you could put some fresh raspberries in the blender, and then mix them with some raspberry juice. 

So basically, there are only two ingredients, the juice and champagne - i was lucky enough to find raspberry champagne. This is not your ready to go drink. You have to pour the champagne and the juice separately in two bowls and freeze them. I did them separately, just to have the option to control how much juice and how much alcohol my guests want. 

Once it's ready, you take the big ice cubes from the (small) bowls, and have fun smashing them! You won't believe how delicious it will smell. It's basically as easy as 123, the only effort is in the time to put everything in the fridge a night before. And yes, prefer small plastic bowls to freeze the liquids in, so it's easier to control the measurements. 

It's so much more fun to have your drinks frozen! Can't wait to try different flavours with this one. Enjoy!