12 September 2014


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lettering by cocorrina

It's one of those times again, when everything has to do with hair. During summer season, i found myself stressing a lot about hair loss. Not sure if this was real or just my imagination, but i'm pretty positive i was loosing way too much hair than normal. I started taking vitamins which between you and me didn't do much. 

It feels like summer's heat, salt and sun can easily damage your hair, especially when it's not that strong. Of course i did some research to find new ways to help out my hair. Thankfully, i'm back to my normal condition again, and couldn't be more relieved. 

A while ago i read a wonderful article by the awesomeness Drea. This girl, has seriously the most gorgeous hair i've ever seen. You can find it here.

11 September 2014


It's no secret. Pinterest is a wonderful place to learn and get inspired. All that visual goodness while scrolling slowly trains your eye to what is visually good and appealing. We get to discover deeper our  tastes and likes don't we? 

My challenge when designing covers for blog posts, is creating something so visual appealing that i would pin in a heart bit if i saw it popping up while scrolling. There are a few things i've learned from my side at least, that works for great pins. One is for sure, vertical graphics.

Beautiful, original photography
I'm obsessed pinning anything that has interesting lighting, peculiar theme, a picture that travels you. So if you're choosing which pictures to use on your blog post, make sure they are the ones that would bring something different to the world.

Lots of space
Usually the ones that catch my eye right away are the ones that have lots of air to breathe and the subject of the graphic plays a really small part. That only happens because in all the things going on while i'm scrolling, my eye rests on the most comforting one. The one that stands out. So make sure you stand out. 

or not a lot of space. 
You could also stand out by having too much of something. Having a lot of things going on in a graphic could also catch the eye, since, well it looks interesting. But make sure in all the messiness there's harmony to it. If you got messy text like above, keep the colours simple.

Be you. 
That's an advice that simply goes everywhere. There are a lot of pin creators that you just simply know who they are by seeing a picture / graphic of theirs. Create a signature, something that screams you and expresses you to the most of it. 

What do you think? What catches your eye while pinning? 

9 September 2014


images are property of the transatlantic

Earlier in August, i got the wonderful chance to work with a girl who has an insane body, is gorgeous and above all has an excellent eye for aesthetics and style. Lauren from the Transatlantic

We were going to work on something really classy and elegant, stylish, and we clicked right away! Of course you know me, this is definitely my kind of project! It has been a joy, so refreshening to work on this project. 

And here are some behind the scenes and mood board :) 

8 September 2014



I've been eyeing Kara bags a long long time around instagram. And it's no secret that i did my happy dance once i was contacted by the brand. There's something really beautiful about the minimalism of this backpack - oh hey the whole brand even! The colours, the materials and styles the use, hands down my favourite bag brand. 

The leather has a wonderful feel to it, and i'm simply in love with grey i chose. I already got black and white bags in my closet, and grey seemed the perfect choice throughout the year. And what's best if it's not grey on grey?

find KARA

5 September 2014


Um yes. So, this are the big news i was eager to tell you all about! August has been probably the best month every when it come to opportunities, dream clients and dream projects. We're talking about dreamy dream projects! 

I'll spare you with the details. After all who wants to know how i screamed and laughed and jumped at the beginning and end of this project. I'll just say a huge thank you to a very talented person i met and worked with, steve stacey. Times like these are truly empowering. Knowing that all the hard work doesn't go in vain. "As long as you love what you do, everything will find its way".

And of course like i said, August was a BIG month. I've got so much more to share with you. Finishing this post, you can preorder Nicole's new single ON THE ROCKS on iTunes people! That song is my new jam. 

4 September 2014


Now ain't that fulfilling just to read? 
So much power in just a quote. In every decision we make, we should always pick the one that makes us happy. No matter what. Like i always say, we live once in the now and we should darn live it good. 

I'm guest posting over at Laice's today, so you can go download this wallpaper on her blog!

3 September 2014


Oysho fall collection My love for oysho couldn't grow stronger. You already know that, i could live and die in that store. Dresses and heels are awesome mind me, but there's really something about comfort wear. Maybe that proves even more what a home cat i am. 

jujumade could be easily one of the prettiest brands i've ever seen. Love how raw, and traditional, natural, organic but yet very chic and elegant their line looks. 

Mette Bonavent When i get to build, style and design a house from scratch, i want everything to look like this one. Clean, bright with character. It makes me happy and makes my soul feel lighter just looking at. Can you imagine if i lived there? I'd be swirling and dancing all the time.