29 June 2015


It's been such a long time that i posted something from my life, or pictures at least. Truth is, that nothing exciting happens lately. The weather tends to be crappy, lots of work and moving, as a result i'm never in the mood for anything. That is going to change though. Summer is already here (hello July 1st!) we're moving this Saturday and i'm more inspired than ever. 

Theo got me out of the bed / couch this weekend, and it was so worth it. We ended up laying at the beach, shivering yes, but admiring the dark clouds, lightings, thunders and insane colours of the sea. I had never seen anything like it, and unless you've been in Caribbean or the Maldives i bet you haven't as well. I went all crazy on snapchat uploading videos and pictures, it was just beautiful! 

This shot was taken while it was still slightly cloudy. Trying to show off my new hair (added some highlights and did a lighter ombre to the edges) while still shying off my surgery scars. I guess i'll get over them some day! 

Getting into the mood, although late, i guess it's not too late to show my support #lovewins 

Sunday was slow and sunny. At first at least! We got to spend some time with Theo's parents, had lunch in the garden, gathered some fruits and veggies. I'm completely in love with how they've painted and blocked with white their outdoor spaces. Makes me wanna turn everything white in our house. Too bad we have too much stone. 

Well, at least my father in law promised me some plants and flower seeds for our garden, so i quickly forgot all about the white walls and floors. Or did i? 

26 June 2015


Are you ready for the weekend? I bet you are!! 
I know, this is the first week that i just can't wait for it. You know how when one thing goes wrong, then everything goes wrong? At least i'm ready to resume tomorrow. And, next Saturday, we'll be officially living in the new house! No more back and forths, just a whole lot work putting all the furniture / decorations into place. 

I won't complain, these are exciting chores. 
Weekend, lets do this! 

24 June 2015


This is definitely one sensitive post that i've been trying to write for quite a while now. Setting aside the creative part of being a freelance designer, scheduling is absolutely everything. From your workflow, to how you book your new projects, to how it affects your inspiration and creativity. 

Originally, i was working with none of the below in mind, ending up stressing a lot about projects overlapping each other, or taking way too much. I'm not gonna say i've perfected my workflow, but i'm definitely on a good way. Changing and tweaking the way i work every now and then, helps the creative process in a huge way. 

calculate project timeline

A great way to figure out a project's timeline is from experience. Knowing how a project works, the steps, the time you need to complete it and how many revisions are needed. Break down the process into steps, and make sure your client knows beforehand the exact timeline. 

have a design contract

A design contract, is not only to protect both sides, but it's also to set some rules for the communication and collaboration. Among payment, rights and ownership, it's crucial to mention the  number of revisions, turnaround time of the designer and most importantly the turnaround feedback time of the client. I know i have some guilty clients who might be reading this now, and guys, know that i still love you. 

Stressing a bit more on how important this is, when booking projects, eventually you estimate the time projects will take. If the project takes more time, then two will overlap, creating a bit more stress and chaos. Well, this example was more like 1+1=2, but imagine working on 3-5 projects at the same time, or more like 6-8 different ones. Then timing, is absolutely everything when you book the next ones. 

set the rules

I've heard quite a few different ways that designers handle feedback delays. What works for me, at least for now, is mentioning everywhere i can on my kits that delayed feedbacks might occur to having a delayed turnaround time from my side. Giving priority to the clients who are right on their time. Along the way, you might find that something else works best for you, or if you already have, i'd more than love to hear it. 

design process sheet

Keep your clients always informed. Knowing what follows next, keeping them involved in the whole process from beginning to end, you will have them focused and dedicated to the project as much as you are. My design process kit, looks like a one page pdf, describing the steps from how to reserve their spot on the waiting list, the homework they have to do, when payments are due, the design process steps, to how we're going to produce the final files. 


Hope this one helps both designers, freelancers and future clients. If you guys have any topic that you want to hear about, feel free to mention it in the comments below. The Freelance Life series started more than a year ago (time really flies!), back when i was still trying to figure out my blog's topic. It's like a freelance diary to me, always learning and exploring ways to work with you guys. 

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23 June 2015


Haven't worked on some line art for quite a while. So on today's break, i felt like creating some new letters in my totem style. Give me anything, and i'll turn it into line art! There's this excitement when putting together simple shapes and lines, that i just can't put into words. 

This was so much fun, that i'm tempted to take this a step further and create a complete typeface. Now designing the typeface from actually building it, it's a whole other story, that i'm not sure i want to go through again. But oh well, it's a good side project, and some good "space filling" skills, it that actually exists! 

22 June 2015


So i though, what would be the best way to kick of the summer and the new week? With some motivation! Yes, summer is all about relaxing, and charging your batteries. But there's no rest for those who chase their dreams. Because, they are not just dreams. Whatever you put in your mind, whatever you think of, it can happen. As long as you want it really bad.. it's all in your hands! 

Here's to summer, here's to a new week, and here's to making your dreams happen! 

download here

19 June 2015


I've been wanting to work on this concept for weeks now and finally managed to get some time for it today. Only two weeks left till we move out (YAY!) and i'm rushing to create more artwork for our walls. These two babies will go in our living room. Although i created black & gold versions, i think i'll print the b/w ones. 

After months of ignoring snapchat, i finally gave in and downloaded it last night. Only after a day, i'm obsessed! You can find me as @corinanika. I already posted a behind the scenes - step by step making of this hand artwork. -- OK need some help hear you guys. These videos from 6h ago, can no longer be viewed, any ideas? --  Not sure if this is the correct use of snapchat, but i loved capturing the whole process for you guys! Warning - there's a lot of singing and humming, it's kinda part of my design process lol. 

Also.. if the lighting is good, i'll be sharing the outdoors of the night house tonight! Theo worked on it the past two weeks and i can't wait to see the night lights installed. Tune in a few hours for more.

download below - personal use only
A3 Black on White: Luckiest ones | We Rock
A4 Gold on Black: Luckiest ones | We Rock

18 June 2015


It really was about time! I remember when i used to rebrand every other month, fun times! It has been more than a year since i introduced the new cocorrina. Time really flies right? And going through some business changes lately, i felt that my brand needed something fresh and clean.

Inspired by the be free, lance courses, i even redone my whole media kit, added new works,  rebranded and redesigned basically all my pdf sheets. Like a breath of fresh air! 

The primary logo is stuck with me for life now, but i had some fun creating two secondary logos and a simplified one. Also, i'm switching from the purple - blue to this lighter shade that i'm kinda loving too much lately! 

Well, now i'm officially ready for summer!