Oh man, oh man!! Almost a month left until the Courses start, and i’m head over heels these days. I bet the whole month will be even crazier. This week it’s print week in the Cocorrina house. The goodie bag ingredients are designed and ready to be delivered.
I thought of all the nice things i could provide your creative fellows. A notepad of A4 size, a notebook an inspiring pencil and a very inspiring poster for your wall. One of my very favourite brands and friends Kelly from Ellovi will be adding a small gift to you all as well. All the packages will be sent in December so if you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do it on time!



I was supposed to be posting about the live moodboard in my office today. But being so dark with the thunderstorms this week and the fact that i just finished all the books after a month, i felt that a tribute to Harry Potter was necessary.
Can’t quite remember if i ever mentioned it before on my blog, but Harry Potter is one of the biggest parts of my life since i was 12, well like for so many others. A very introvert kid, insecure, lonely, not fitting in this is pretty much how i would describe myself. And then the Philosopher Stone came in the picture. I would need a whole book telling you how i felt -and still feel- reading the books. How much it changed me, transformed to the person i am today and brought some light to a troubled childhood.
Well, if you read the books, i’m pretty sure you know exactly the feeling.



Theo and i will be preparing a Thanksgiving feast for two, with a chicken instead of a turkey. I wrapped up work early today, it’s raining, we had hail and two small tornadoes (one passing by above our house freaking the hell out of us), there are lightnings and thunders and when it calms down we can see the blue sea and hear the ocean from our balcony.
So many things to be thankful for. For my family that makes me feel whole, for the serenity i have living here, for the passion and love i have for my job, for each and every one of you that keep supporting my work through all these years. Thanksgiving could not be at a more perfect time than right before the new year. It makes you look back and see all the great things 2015 brought us.
Happy Thanksgiving dear friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful time with your families today.




It’s been so long since i last posted about brand identities. I’ve been working on some mind blowing ones this month. Walking slightly out of my comfort zone, i’m talking about neons, bright colours, minimalist layouts, bold gradients, cannot wait to start revealing everything.
At the edge of a really colourful Autumn in my office, i wanted to share with you this brand identity i worked with Caroline this summer. I’m so in love with the pastel, nude and natural colours right now. If i could i would turn all my stationary and house decoration into something similar to the above.

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This was a rather quick doodle that turned out as always to take much more than intended. I have no idea what kind of flowers these are, in my mind they are wintery – even though pulled from my imagination.
Something to get going the inspiration on a crazy Monday! Hope you’re all having a nice start this week!


download wallpaper here





It’s been a while since the last time i worked on some line art. I’ve been lately going crazy over gems. I used to collect them and study about crystal therapy and all. Theo is into them for the looks but anyhow, we both have a thing for semi precious gems – mostly the raw ones.
As part of practising for some gem prints for the upcoming shop i thought i’d posted those three. I can’t decide on colours though. I really see the shop being a minimalist’s with a touch of organic and traditional favourite place for art. I know colours like the above pink won’t work. Perhaps mostly black white, beige with a touch of faded colour? I don’t know.
What colours would you want prefer having on your walls? I’d love to hear some feedback as i easily get lost!
Lastly, the giveaway closed and we’ve got two awesome ladies @whitekitestudio & @pastelfeather ! Thanks so much everyone for entering!


Never before had i thought of this topic to be interesting. I mean it obviously is interesting, but i always thought that writing a post about attracting dream clients was stating the obvious. Having received a couple of emails the past month about that very subject i thought that some of you would be interested in how i’m handling this matter.
Most of the emails and questions i’m receiving ask me about wether i email potential clients or how do i market myself. For every since i can remember myself, i was so embarrassed with anything that had to with promoting myself or feeling pushy. I never want to feel like a burden or ask for attention – i’m way too shy for it.

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