30 September 2014


Sometimes i wonder wether this is a hair blog or a design blog. Seriously. I wake up thinking i should go to black long bob, during the day i decide my hair looks perfect as it is, and at night i think that black would really good on me. Hair is just my topic you know? It really makes me happy talking about it. 

So with that, on my 30 minute break (seriously i SO earned it today) i found myself sketching hair brushes and moustaches, while drinking coffee in the balcony. 

download wallpaper version below

Black and gold seemed pretty darn perfect since i'm getting my illustration skills game on. Neat version for the freaky, monk type, ocd who love having  organising their things like me. And a messy one for those who throw it in the air like they don't care. 

No matter wether you prefer it neat or messy, hope you're having a great hair day! 

download wallpaper version below

29 September 2014


One of the most exciting times in week: giveaway time! This week we're celebrating Tara's birthday as she's turning 25. I turned 25 in February, and all i have to say is that it's the best age so far. Wishing you the very best dear girl! And how awesome to win a $255 gift card on This Paper shop right? If i could, i'd buy the whole shop, no problem. 

thanks to all the lovely people here! 

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26 September 2014


Friday's are perfect for lots of BIG thank you. One goes for the emails i received today and yesterday regarding yesterday's post. I'm always happy to help, and seeing how excited you were, makes even more complete. 

Secondly and most importantly, a big THANK YOU for the support you showed on the 2015 calendars i made back in July. We managed to raise 100 euros - $122 for the ARK (Animal Rescue of Kefalonia). That money will go to a good place people! I couldn't be more happy today about it. You all deserve flowers :) 

25 September 2014


This started like maybe the weirdest post i've ever written. With just how important is the way that i work and have everything organised on my desktop. Making me think, how essential is the way each and every one of us designers work, the ritual and routine we have, in order to help us make it through so many different projects. 

I've been receiving dozens of emails from you daily, and let me just start with how floored i am. Seems only yesterday when i realised how being a graphic designer is what makes me breathe. But not knowing where to start, took all the excitement away. Making it difficult to create. 

Being a creative is so much harder than lot of people think. From the outside it seems like what we do is simply creating and doing pretty things all day long. That it comes easy and natural. Well it almost does. But in order to create and stay creative and inspired through your whole day and being a human, with feelings, and living a life, is something that keeps getting harder and harder. There are so many different parameters  on how to achieve that. Starting with one, is being organised. 

No matter how messy artists can become, keeping everything clean and tidy, leaves you room to create and room to breathe. This post is more of a "how i work things" rather than a how to post. Nobody can tell you how to work. It's something that you'll need to discover yourself in order to see what works for you best. But you do need to start from somewhere right? I went through sending wrong files to clients, to loosing folders and to the hell and back in order to become a little Monk where i have to have everything in place. 

All your emails, inspired me to make a small series on the freelance life on what makes my clock tick. From the way i organised my files, desktop, emails, calendar etc. A chance for new designers get an insight on things that don't seem to matter at first glance and for older ones to exchange some tips and learn from each other. 

Ok, i know it sounds so silly to start with this one but trust me. It's the first thing you seen when you start working, and you keep having it in your face throughout the rest of the day. For me, it's probably the number one in my list of organisation. It's like an extension of my office. The same way i want to keep my office clean and tidy, i have to keep my desktop as well. 

It may sound surprising for someone who designs graphic wallpapers all the time, but i'm really hard to please when it comes to choosing one. A 90% of the time, i choose an hd scenery of place i'd rather be. I've got lots and lots of them, but i keep switching between three all the time. White Sands sunset, Scottish angry weather (it makes me tear up seeing this), Icelandic ice, this and this place that i have no idea where are from. 

Don't mind me, i do love clean and clear graphic wallpapers, and i tend to use mine, probably for a day. But my desktop feels like an open window, to show me place that will calm me down, the way someone would play forest sounds, or rain sounds. And whenever i put a graphic on, i feel like i close this window. Maybe it's just me. Nature and extreme scenery is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. 

The desktop stays clean with only one folder on it, Corina. It's a password protected folder where i keep all my files in. So i don't accidentally delete it - trust me, been there done that. I'll talk about it on the next week's post and how i have my folders organised. Within the day, as i design for my clients and send them files, or save files, i have everything laid out on the desktop so i can easily send everything and temporary keep files for quick use. Once i stop working on a project i clean my desktop, and start the same process on a different one. 

The dock stays hidden, so duh everything is clean and i have more space to work without having it in my way. As with my phone, i tend to clean up my applications quite a lot. If i don't use them for a month and are easy to find, they're gone. 

So i tend to keep everything clean and only what i need there. Mail, Safari, Todoist to sync with my iPhone when i write my ideas on the go, iTunes, torrents, and feedly. What i like about the the dock, is the part on the right. I got a shortcut to my book so i can write right away without searching for the file, the movie folder, download folder, and my little inspo folder. 

The inspo folder has saved me from lots of mess around the desktop. Pinterest is good to collect inspiration, but when you find something that you'll know you'll soon use or will need to reference to, it will definitely get lost in Pinterest. So i got this little folder and store pictures in. By the end of each week, i go back and see if there's something i don't need and clean it up a bit. So everything stays tidy. 

I would love to hear if you have any specific way you organise your computer and the way you work. It's nice knowing about a thing or two from you guys!

next week organised life | pt. 2 organising folders
more freelance life here 

24 September 2014


Maybe i'm late by a day, but yesterday definitely felt more like Autumn. At last! Like everyone i'm just so fed up with all that weather. The first thing i did returning from Athens was to clean up my closet and put some jumpers, cardigans and long sleeve shirts. At the moment i'm wearing 30% of what i've got. Yay, let's for the rest 70 now! 

Realised i haven't posted a wallpaper for you in a while, so wanted to go a really warm "coffee and flowers" kind of atmosphere today. After all, it's almost everyone's favourite season right?! Happy Autumn :) 

23 September 2014


My mail fairy has been oh so kind to me this month! From the Kara bag, to the Daniel Wellington watch, and so much more to receive, i'm like a kid opening Christmas presents! 

I'm sure there's no need for big introductions about the DW brand. You've already heard all about it, and seen it all over the social media. While being a fan for a long time now, i've always admired just how good the watches look. Big and beautiful. And it was even better in real life! 

I was really torn between the silver and rose gold of the Classic Sheffield Lady. Both were beautiful but the whole family voted for the rose gold one, so i could not but go with that one. 

Not sure how am i going to take that glorious watch of my hand now. It practically goes perfectly with absolutely everything in wardrobe. And oh boy if only i could be wearing long black dresses, boots and hats everyday! 

If you're looking for something good to treat yourself, well now is definitely the time. Nothing makes you feel better than a really nice watch. Also DW is offering to all my readers a 15% off coupon with the code cocorrina. Which will run until the 15th of October. So hurry! 

I could say that each photoshoot every time is my favourite one. Maybe the team theodore - corina is getting better and better. I was just now remembering, how our very first photoshoot went a year ago. With people staring at me and asking me if i was a model. Well that's definitely something to make you nervous! And comparing with today, having people staring at me, i was pretty confident taking directions from my talented "fashion photographer". Nice to see how no matter what we do, we always keep developing to the best if we keep working hard. 

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22 September 2014


Have been thinking on how to explain to you just how much i'm excited about being finally home! My short trip to Athens turned out to be a 2 long week business trip. Thankfully it was not all business. Some shopping, late night drinks with friends where involved. And some time alone was very needed. 

Being back home though, made me feel so peaceful at last! By missing 4 posts last week, you can imagine how much i had going on. Now i'm back to photoshooting, walking with Bella and being with the husband. All is finally well! 

First thing i did on my first Saturday back, is get some rest. Well, after cleaning up the house of course. Preparing a quick desert, couch and Project Runway. One of my favorite childhood memories, is being with my grandparents when i was 5 and lived in Russia with them. We would visit our cottage's yard and gather raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.. well you know the drift. All kinds of berries. 

I haven't had berries ever since. Although the frozen ones i found weren't as close, they still work for me. I nearly spent half an hour taking pictures of them. Really dark and gorgeous, right?

So my quick dessert, was like, really quick. I have zero patience when cooking, hence it's something Theodore does mostly.

The ingredients: 

Simple biscuits
Ready to go cream 

What'd you think, i'd do something more complex than that? No way. 
Basically, i crushed a pack of biscuits, leaving some bigger pieces. Added 1/2 of a cup melted butter and blended it together. Bought a pack of vanilla cream which only needed a cup of milk and 5 min mixing.

Then you put everything where you want, as much as you want and enjoy! We had jars with the biscuit base and cream already in the fridge. Perfect with some jam on a Sunday morning!