All projects are always fun to work on, but this one, was by far the most delicious looking! It’s a sad sad story that i can’t share with you a lot of the process as my hard drive crashed, but thankfully, got a lot of the final result right here!
Made from Mad ABOUT cakes, is crazy talented, and we wanted to share that bespoke style of her work on all the branding. I’m having the chance to work on a lot of websites this year, and this is the first to begin with. The concept was to make something fun, quirky and candy looking, and we got it almost right away. Feel free to look through the website – i’m really obsessed with that gradient sticky menu!



It’s been a long time since i introduced a new topic on the blog, so here it is! This blog being my creative outlet, i felt that i was missing something.. liberating. Just playing around with shapes and colours. From times to times i’ve been inspired by specific colours, textures, mood, materials etc. So this topic will be dedicated to exactly that, the things i find inspiring, put together into an abstract collage.
This one, was so much fun to create! I’ve been pinning more and more ochre shades, there’s something so luxurious, warm and natural about that tone. Even sexy, as i think of it as the colour of a nicely tanned bum lol. Haven’t had the chance to work on a branding directly with it, but i’ll get to play around on a few other projects.
On another note, you may see that the cropping is slightly horridle, and that’s because i’m seriously having a bad bad week. Every year this time around, i get the worst chilblains on my right hand. The fingers get so swollen that i can’t move them, and naturally they hurt. This year, with all my positive mood, i’m not letting this get me down, so i pushed through and worked on this little piece. Other than that, i’m just writing this post with my massive sausage fingers. Sexy.






SONY DSC                        Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

After having a really cold January, with snow and rain and more snow, the past week was surprisingly warm. Times like this i only realise how crazy i am when it comes to weather. I’ve been awfully a rain person for like.. ever, but ever since we moved to the island i just can’t imagine life without summer.
Theo and i still dream to retire at a cabin in the woods somewhere in Canada, but i wouldn’t mind living in Hawaii sometime before that! After all, we do live in a beach / summer house, the view the pool, it’s all so inviting when the weather is good.






So towards the end of the last week i willingly left my beloved office and together with Bella and Theo we headed to the beach to catch some sun. We run, and laid, and stuck our toes into the warm sand and cold sea, it was absolutely perfect!
Last year, the awesome and creative guys of Beach People sent me a roundie that i’ve been using all summer. People would stop and ask me where i got it from. They would squeeze on their tiny beach towels and i was literally spreading my hands and feet all over my roundie. So this year, i’m getting ready for summer a little early. I got the Paloma from the new collection and up next, i’ll be getting my new Triangl. Thing is, which one?
Now that we started going to the gym, practising with bokens and doing yoga, i’m really focused on having a crazy summer body. Plus, i’m working with a really sexy swimwear brand, so i need to be in the brand’s mood, right?






what i wore
the paloma by the beach people



Found this today and it made me laugh so loud. Such a true quote though, and pretty impressive how most of the creative people i know – including myself – love wearing black. For me, it has felt as a blank canvas on the outside, explosion of colours and ideas on the inside. And oh, the many times i’ve heard from older people telling me how black is not a suitable colour for a young lady. Yes, ma’am!
download wallpaper here



Slowly and one by one, i’m wrapping the projects i started this Fall. So many new brand identities to share with you! Have had a lot of inspiration coming back from summer vacation, and was really up to trying different things – outside what i’ve been used to designing.
We started working with Elena a few months go, and i distinctly remember how she had asked for something powerful, sexy, feminine and spiritual. The colours we end up, are officially my favourite ones till this date. Coral red for the flame and her passion, earthy nude for her spiritual work and connection to earth, black for a contrast and rose gold for shine.

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Today, was a colourful day! We spent our morning by the sea, shooting a new style post and having finished work early, i’ve been working on a colour palette for a secret project. The pictures are not the best, i have to admit it really bothers me. But the layout and shapes, how the colour blend together, it was so amusing i could not take a picture or two. Or three, four.
Sometimes, my job makes me feel like a child again. Getting my hands dirty and smudging pretty much everything around me. But, oh how much joy it brings to my heart! The first and last felt perfect for a wallpaper, and since i haven’t designed one in a long time, you can find them ready to download below.
Download Wallpaper below

Colourful brush | black brush




It has to be the third time that i’m updating the TFL with a weekly schedule! I kinda do have a week spot for spicing up my routine every now and then to be honest with you. A little before the new year, i changed an 180º direction to how i work throughout the week and it definitely suits the whole feeling fresh and relaxed mood of 2016. I’m feeling less tight and “going by the book”. You can see an older post right here and although the process has stayed at some points the same, a few things that make a whole lot difference have changed.



07:30 – 08:00

This one turns out to be definitely the most difficult part of the day. I used to wake up a lot earlier, some times even at 6am, but the more time passes the more grumpy i am waking up early. Although i’m missing valuable time for things like taking a walk, or getting ready with a slow pace, i get to snooze and feel much happier for doing so. One thing i also dropped, is showering in the morning. That’s an evening thing now, as i love going to be feeling fresh and clean.
So basically, if you’re one to get tired a lot during the day, you might want to give yourself the rest and sleep your body needs. This is the exact reason i’m changing my routine every few months. The needs are changing and so should your schedule. In a few words, i’m gaining more time to sleep, wake up happy, have a quick breakfast, wash my face and go to my office.


09:00 – 10:00 am

My goal, is to be sitting in my desk around 9 and getting things started. My favourite thing to do early in the morning, is having a cup of tea, now that mornings are cold, and replying emails. Sometimes it takes a lot more than an hour, but i do my best to write short and sweet emails, without spending more than two minutes for each. The more focused you are, the quicker you’re getting them all done.
I start with my main inbox, moving forward to new inquires which is in a different folder, then general inquires and interviews. Finally, i’ve got the Courses inbox, which is the last ones i reply before starting to work on projects.


10:00 am – 01:30 pm

And here’s where the sweetest change has taken its place. I used to work with a timer, and scheduling projects to work on everyday with a specific amount of time. For example, on Monday, i would have scheduled 7 projects to work on, with 30 minutes each. That lead me to deal with stress to finish them before launch, that drove me completely crazy.
With my new system, i work with projects alone, without setting a specific time and using a timer. Getting rid of the timer, occurs to sometimes loosing track of time and perhaps has me less focused. But i do my best to keep my mind on the project and think of nothing else. Audiobooks help a lot at this point. So now, Monday looks more like; 3 projects that i simply need to wrap up before noon. Depending on the project, i will place it on the according day.
Knowing what i need to work on each project, i’m able to calculate the amount of time it should take me. A small revision, could be paired with a larger one and working on a brand plan or starting a brand identity presentation. This system basically eases my mind: less projects on a day, less stress on the amount of time to spend on them. Simple and easy.


01:30pm – 05:00pm

We still do a break at 01:30pm for lunch for around 30 minutes. After the break, i will work until 5pm for ultimately my personal projects and blog posts. That doesn’t turn out always successful, as sometimes i need to finish the projects from before lunch. Which is why, scheduling your week is so important. It is much better to add more days to your turnarounds, than burn yourself. The more tired you are the less efficient your work will be.
After 5pm these days, i’ll spend some time with the hubby, walk our cat and dog and go to the gym. Yes, that was one of my resolutions, so Theo and i are spending quite some time in the gym together. I’ll be resuming my yoga next week and we both stared practising with our bokens today. Such a badass couple don’t you think? And that, pretty much wraps up my weekdays. A lot of cups of tea, warm snuggly pjs and my audiobooks.