27 March 2015


One of the most amazing things around this community, is just how many inspiring and creative people are out there. I've been asked a lot where i get my inspiration from, and although it is from small daily things, to big breathtaking moments, i've never really got the chance to share the people i look up to. The people who got me started five years ago, who inspire me today. 

Back when i was taking my first steps, it was all about finding virtual mentors. It's really awesome to have someone to look up to and learn from. Not that i got to actual talk to someone, as i was super shy. One thing i learned though is that you should never let your awe communicating with people that inspire you. Be confident. 

Anyways, i wanted to take the time today and make a list with my virtual mentors. Because they're awesome, and deserve a shout out! 

these people blow my mind when it comes to capturing the beautiful things in this world. And when i find myself uninspired to post on instgram, they definitely make me go out and chase moments with my camera. 

Ravivora Ravi's feed, feels like a fairytale. Plus i've been doing the #dotheravivora on every picture i'm at. 

Local_Milk Beth, has the most honest feed. She really captures those small moments in her life, and it just really looks magical. 

Melissa Sonico Her style, amazeballs. 

Olivia Thebaut Makes me wanna dive into her feed and live her beautiful life. 

Emilie Ristevski Got no idea how she does that, but there's just so much beauty, detail and crispness on her images. 


Julia Kostreva Most awesome and inspiring designer i've ever known. 

Amanda Jane Jones The one who gives me that thirst for a bit of modern vintage in my style. 

Breanna Rose Bri, was the one that i admired behind my tiny computer when i was trying to figure out what to do with myself. Loved her ever since i saw her beautiful logos. 

Cassie of Veda House, always blows my mind. The cleanliness, the texture, love it all. 


Asia Pietrzyk She gives me the inspiration to ditch that black and white and minimal! Obviously a major inspiration on my designs, i love the quirkiness and simplicity in her style. Simply makes me happy. 

Soleil Ignacio I've been lucky to know Soleil for some time now, and she never stops to amaze me with her personal style. There's no way you wouldn't recognise here beautiful illustrations.  

Ricardo Gonzalez I wanna be him when i grow up. No words, this guy, is out this world. Inspires me to letter more carefully, and really teach my hand to be stable. Plus he loves gold as much as i do! 


Madelynn Furlong This girl has it all. Incredibly beautiful, amazing style, and super talented. 

Kaitlyn Ham It's not the first time i'm mentioning her here. But come on, she's simply the best, the quality of the photography, the style, i can scroll her blog forever. 

Zanita Her style, really fascinates me! Although i'm a bit more minimal, she's just such an awesome gal and i simply can't get enough of her. 

26 March 2015


Although i love my black and white looks, i've been challenging  myself to have a bit more fun with the way i dress. Sometimes it ends to be a bit completed though, as i used to wear a lot of colours, then switched up to neutrals, and now i'm loving a bit of texture and patterns. So i decided to add a fun element on each black and white (or grey) look i wear. 

And as i've just received my lovely package from Matter Matters (now that's a great mail day!) and i jumped right away to style a shot. That deco clutch, definitely adds some fun to my fun, one look from the collection will convince you why a graphic designer would got nuts on their goodies. Today although moody turned out to be warm, so i just couldn't help but enjoy the pleasant twist in the weather. 

Lately, i find myself enjoying more and more those style posts. You'd think that designing graphics  and logos would be the only creative outlet for me, but i simply adore the whole process. Putting together outfits, styling, location, concepts, editing the images, then filtering. It feels super fulfilling! Or maybe that's just a good sign of a designer evolving. 

24 March 2015


The very first project i started working on in January 15, was the Minzuu rebrand. And from the very beginning, while discussing with Yilan, i had the clearest vision of the brand's design direction. From the colours, to the patterns, to the logo itself, and i'm head over heels having it complete and up and running. 

Minzuu's mission, was what inspired me right away. The cultural heritage, quality, tradition, how you see the story behind each item that's crafted. It's all about quality and history rather than quantity, and it's something i'm embracing myself more and more lately. 

From the moodboard, you'll see how we were on point with the colours (what a gorgeous combo right?), marrying traditional patterns with a bit of industrial. You know me, i loved working on that pattern! 

Although we had some cool concepts to work with from the beginning, the final logo, was the exact concept that i sketched the very moment i read Yilan's Questionnaire, and i'm just so grateful she trusted me completely with the direction of it.  

23 March 2015


April is going to be quite a month for me! To be honest, i'm quite stressed about a lot of things. Sometimes, the things that you mostly long for, are the scariest ones. And change, boy although i'm always running towards it, when time comes i just get scared.

But as with everything, i close my mind to all the negative thoughts, and eyes only on the good ones. So from the 7th of April, Theo and i start our very first European journey together. A quick stop to Athens, and then we're heading to Berlin for the Hive. Eeeeek, my knees are trembling! We'll have a few days after the the Hive to explore the city and then, we're off to Paris!

And here's a huge secret. Something i can't still reveal, but it's big! My very first steps into the fashion industry. My long term dream, slowly coming to life. I've worked with an incredible clothing line and create a capsule Cocorrina X ??? So we'll be there for a workshop, press conference and all that amazing stuff. This little blog / place of mine has grown so big it blows my mind. Thank you to all the old and new friends for sticking with me through the journey.

Now to the point, as Theo and i are planning our trips, we're mostly excited to get the chance to discover Paris and Berlin. With only 3 days in Berlin and 2 in Paris, we need all the help we can get! Are there any secrete cafes we should stop by, restaurants, neighbourhoods we should see?

20 March 2015


And it is really here! We complained and nagged about winter as every year but it's all over now. Warmer weather, sunny days are ahead of us! 

As i'll be paralysed from doing anything for the weekend from swollen and painful fingers from chilblains once again, i did enjoy a sunny walk by the lake with doggy and hubby. But God knows how painful writing this post is. 

For now, i'm guest posting on Ana's Blog Milk with those two minimal inspired wallpapers. Hope you enjoy, and i'll go crawl back in my couch! 

19 March 2015


You know it by now, when i'm not happy with my hair, i always write a post. Just like with Part #1 (was deleted by google a couple years ago when my blog crashed) & Part #2 i keep discovering new things about health care, and i'm just so eager to share them with you. Thing is, that i'm not one of those lucky gals who naturally have that perfect hair. I wish! But nope, as far as i know, i've been always struggling with dull hair, not growing fast, breaking, and lately, lots and lots of hair loss.

Which, hey, funny thing, it's stressing! And the more i stress the more hair i loose, and the more hair i loose, the more stressing it is. Darn you stress, you're not fun. But the past months freaking out, i've been determined to get that perfect hair i always wanted, one way or another. So with all that crazy research and experimenting, i've got so much to share today, i'm just happy to have gained hair wisdom. 

First and worst. I haven't eaten yogurt, milk, any kind of beans, fish, lentils or nuts. Before you stop reading while screaming whaaaat girl? at the post, let me tell you. Freelancing and aiming high comes with a price. So little time, sometimes it's just crazy. If i wanted to do all the things i want in one day, i would need at least 48 hours. So yeah, that leads to not doing the important things, but i'm definitely working on it. 

Ironically, all the above, is exactly the things our hair need. And lots of water. I'm drinking a huge bottle every day, eating yogurt, milk and almonds every day (almonds are in my office, snacking as i work), and i already see a huge difference in my hair. 

Vitamins never hurt anybody. But that doesn't mean they'll do all the work for you. So far i've tried three different ones. One that i don't remember (didn't work for me) Solgar Skin Nails and hair (nothing much either) a three month therapy with Vitalfan (nothing drastic) and i just ordered Hairburst for three months, that Instagram goes crazy about. Those before and afters look pretty convincing, so i'll just cross my fingers this is the one for me.  

Everything starts from there. Something i didn't know, the pores of the scalp can close from lots of hair product, or from bad blood circulation. I know right? Under which rock have i been hiding all that time. So here are a few things i tried, and i swear they worked like magic.  

Scalp Massaging
Duh. You do have to be super gentle. The first time i got a bit more excited than i should as a result losing more hair. The trick is to massage your scalp while shampooing and doing smooth circles with the tips of your fingers. Everywhere, behind the ears, temple, and the back of your neck. 

Heat Activated Therapy
Heat, activates the pores bringing more blood to your scalp. Yup, that sounds good to me. There's the dove one i like, and quite a few more. But my very favourite is the olive oil or coconut oil that i make every week. I had tried to apply some olive oil a few months ago in my roots, left it for about an our and for the next whole week couldn't get the oil out of my head. 

But this therapy almost made me cry. So you basically warm up (bain marie) some olive oil or coconut oil (i've been doing olive oil, as the coconut oil is on its way to me from uk). It depends on how much you want. You could start the first week with just your scalp and the next the whole head like i did. For the scalp i'd say about 4 tablespoons maybe a bit more. At the same time, i threw a hair towel in the oven just to heat it up a bit (be careful cos i almost burnt the whole house, cos i'm stupid like that) 

Then, you slowly apply the oil in your scalp, i used a cotton dipping it in the bowl to not make a mess. Wrap your head with the towel and tada! You stay the whole day in the house. Or, sleep on it. The point is to have it at least for 8 hours so it really gets in your roots. The heat opens up the scallops of your hair, and the pores of your head and the oil is absorbed much easier. Have i mentioned how good oil is for your hair? With all that shampooing, people almost never have oil on their heads which leads to easily breaking with no elasticity hair. 

Once you shampoo after 8 hours, you won't believe just how soft they will be. My roots where soft like butter, and the rest of the hair felt like straw. And there will be no signs of leftover oil either. 

Scrub it

Have you ever heard of head scrub? Well me neither until i tried it. It's kinda rough, so once a month would do it. It basically removes all the dead cells on your scalp, letting it breathe. 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 3 teaspoons olive oil or (since cold oil is a bit more difficult to take off) 4 tablespoons brown sugar and 2 tablespoons hair conditioner. And then scrub scrub scrub.

Build up is a real thing and it exists. I kinda thought it was a myth until i was shampooing, conditioning and using deep therapies and my hair never looked dirtier or duller. It's super easy to remove all the product build up there are tons of ways. My most favourite was the easiest i guess: 1/4 cup shampoo and two tablespoons of baking soda. Seriously, shampoo becomes so much more fun afterwards, as it gets super thick and fluffy!! Just shampoo with it, and you'll se the difference. 

Well i'm not talking to get really dirty, you still can shower. But like i already wrote, shampooing takes away precious oils that our scalp produces a day after shampooing. If you can make it 4 days without shampooing, you're my hero! The longest i could go is 2, but after doing the oil treatments, and build up, today is my first time i lasted for 4 whole days! Woohoo! I deserve a drink. And the cool thing is you wouldn't be able to tell that it's the 4th, this is healthy hair from the inside.. yesss. 

From brushing less, touching less, deep condition more, oil those tips on wet hair (Pantene smells so good!). Let them more down, wash your brush, or better buy a new one, use soft thick elastic rubber bands. Shampoos from the pharmacy are not the best smelling, and might cost more but they're definitely the best. 

I'm not really one to write huge posts like this one (it took almost two hours to complete). But i really hope you find it helpful! I'm just so relieved to see some change at last. You know, if you got a secret recipe, don't keep it secret! 

17 March 2015


As you already know, i'll be speaking at The Hive next month! Woohoo! I've already talked to so many of you attending and can't wait till the time comes to meet you. I'm so pumped, finishing my speech, creating the presentation, each and every detail, want everything to be absolutely perfect! I'll be sharing quite some nice tips and lessons on personal branding. 

In order to get to know each other before The Hive, Yvonne created the #40facts4thehive. And as i haven't played facts in about a year, thought it was a good time to give it another go. And boy, 40 was a lot! It really pushed me to dig deeper.

1. Haven't cooked in about 5 months. Thank God for perfect husbands. 
2. I cry easily. With cats, songs, just because. 
3. Food, is not my favourite thing. I could skip a meal easily, and could live on just salads. 
4. I'm obsessed with hand creams. You'll never find me without a couple in my purse and there are 
    about 30 in the house.
5. Cat person, all the way. Sometimes i secretly wish i was a cat. 
6. I have a super bad memory, so i have to write everything down. 
7. And i'm really bad with names. 
8. My best friend is the very first person i met when i came to Greece at the age of 4. 
9. Till the age of 21, i would faint to the thought of zombies. One day i woke up and i was obsessed 
     with them. Now i'm getting ready to kick some butt in an apocalypse (in my mind)
10. Violins give me the goosebumps and can make me cry. As well as lots of people singing together. 
11. I play Sims and Alice Madness. 
12. I got two more official names that i never use. First name is Kiera and everyone used to know me    
      as Karina till the age of 19, when i started introducing myself as Corina. 
13. Walking Dead memes can cheer me up on the worst day ever. 
14. Have read Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone 14 times. The last time was when i was 17. 
15. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty sums up my life's motto. And makes my heart happy. 
16. At the age of 60 i want to be living in a small shack in the mountains somewhere in Scotland with 
       no electricity. That, or somewhere in a villa in Thailand. 
17. I dance at the supermarkets.
18. And sing to my cat and dog. And the husband. I'm a bad singer if you ask them. 
19. I'm obsessed with anything that has to do with hair. 
20. I've been for 49 kilos for the past 5 years. (give or take a couple of them) 
21. I can't run. Not even a block. 
22. But i love walking, and can never get tired. Can rase you to mount Everest. 
23. Theo (the husband) calls me kid of Chernobyl. I had an ingrowing sternum, have long toes, some 
       kind of silly anomaly in the heart and lots of other things. But in general i'm super healthy! 
24. Have been writing a fiction for the past 6 years. God knows when it'll be finished. 
25. I have dyed my hair all kinds of colours. From pink to blonde, you name it. 
26. I hate talking on the phone. 
27. Although very shy, i'm a total goofball. 
28. I find it impossible to write about myself, (esp bios) thus, i've been stuck on No. 28 for the past 
      half hour. 
29. Wearing black makes me feel liberated and safe. 
30. I'm the most happy when i'm outdoors. From snow, to mountain, the sea, i love all of it. 
31. When i close my eyes i see colours, shapes and patterns. A few minutes before falling asleep i get   
      all my best ideas for concepts. 
32. I'm not a morning person. 
33. Always have enjoyed and learned to spend some time alone. 
34. There's a brown dot in my blue eyes. 
35. Favorite moment of the day would be taking a bath and putting on body lotion. 
36. Anything created by human, that's lost or forgotten under the sea, freaks the hell out of me. Yes  
       Titanic, especially you. 
37. I believe in magic and secretly that anything supernatural actually exists. 
38. My lifetime goal is to travel and live for a while on most of places around the world i can. 
39. I speak, read and write in Russian, Greek and English. Went through a period where i was 
      learning Hawaiian. For about a week. 
40. Someday i'll be a vegan.