24 October 2014


It's that awesome, favourite time of the year again, Halloween! I've been invited to guest post on my Lifebox while Anna is travelling all around Europe, lucky girl! 

This was my first shape art that i laid my hands on a few weeks ago, that inspired me to do this shape art. Again, i love letting my imagination lose and play with shapes, dots especially on my favourite figure, Catrina. And perfectly right on time for your Halloween night invites, or a spooky wall art.

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23 October 2014


You already know my love and weakness for feral's black Jane in gold. But something you don't know, is although i come out as a typical - everything gold -  girl, with the normcore wave coming right on me, i've grown my love for silver. 

And although i bet you don't believe that i've got more colours than black in wardrobe, i swear i got pinks and shades of blue. Really light and really dark ones. That's why i couldn't resist the new Jane in navy. It has the bohemian - rock style with the wrap strap, with blue and silver. A perfect combo and addition to my watch collection! 

And wouldn't mind start rumbling about just how much i'm obsessed with ear cuffs. Till now i would swoon seeing them on others, until i took a leap to get my own. One thing i have to add though. They should come with a manual! Putting an ear cuff on is not an easy thing people! 

Took me like 15 min to figure out were everything has to fit, and then another 15 to try and squeeze my ear. Don't be fooled by the cool looking girl, i wouldn't last 5 minutes wearing it! My ear was hurting, and by the end of the photoshoot it got completely red and swollen. Such a bummer. 

It's still though my favourite kind of accessory. Along with watches of course! 

On top of everything, today is like the weirdest day ever. I've wore from a sweater with boots, to a jacket and then shorts. Completely insane and sad. The weather has changed, almost the end of October and people are still swimming here. 

I so cannot wait start feeling a bit cozy, with cold weather, jackets and all! I bet at this point all of you are.

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22 October 2014


Always an exciting part of the week when i get to finally share finished projects. Can't even start describing the work we've put with Monera on her rebranding. I was really excited and ready to jump in right away once i got to know a little bit better her brand. 

Full of attitude, colour, tribal patterns, i was inspired right away! You can take a look at her SS13 and SS14 to see what i'm talking about. Her work is absolutely breathtaking! 

Working on a clothing brand, there's just so much more to do than business cards and logos. Tissue paper, shopping bags, garment labels, clothing tags, swag tags oh and i can keep going on and on. It's pretty remarkable to see everything slowly coming to life and clicking together you know? 

The ribbons on the custom boxes, the tissue papers coming from the inside along with the clothing tags and the clothes shining amongst everything! 

We decided to keep a few elements from her previous brand, since she had done a wonderful job and was already on a good way. There were so many wonderful possibilities and options to create, so we created primary, secondary, signature, monogram and icons. Keeping two of her power colours yellow and lilac. 

Combining patterns that came through the monogram, everything seems like a perfect extension of her clothing line don't you think? 

And we definitely stuck with those elements all the way from the moodboard as you can see. So far i've got only mockups to share with you but hopefully will get to photoshoot the real deal soon! 

As always, a few versions that didn't work for us.

20 October 2014


lettering cocorrina
ferns by Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh

Truth is, i've been avoiding this TFL by all means. It was so ironic of me to write a post about managing a schedule while i was completely drowning in my own. Yes, there is a method behind the way i lay out my working hours within the week or even month, but it's so much easier said than done. Most of the times i'm a good girl and everything works perfectly fine.

There are those times though, you may overwork on one project, and then the whole days gets messed up. And by messed up, imagine me, starting work at 8am, and finishing at 1am with only lunch and dinner breaks, so the schedule won't stay behind. Yikes. 

Thankfully, when working loads of hours, my creativity and inspiration stay at the same levels. I've figured out that i work the best under pressure but my body completely abandons me. 

You've probably understood by now, that with schedule, i mean your freelance client projects. The goal -for me at least- is to start at 8, with my emails already answered, and a clean inbox, and finishing at 5pm. That's what i call a healthy day. 

Have a good big organiser.
Lots of you use calendar from mac, and i believe it's really helpful with all devices syncing etc, but i still prefer writing everything down - i'm a typical visual person. 

Write everything down. And i seriously mean everything. When your daily / weekly / monthly to do list gets bigger and bigger, there's no room to forget meetings, or turnaround times. 

Calculate your time. As soon as i get feedback from a client, depending the project, i give myself the room of days. For example if it's a logo, and the feedback is easy, i give it from 1-3 days, regarding the schedule. So on the 1st and 2nd day i note it down as a secondary project, so i can work on it for about 30 min. On the 3rd i write it as a primary project to be sent and calculate an hour. 

That way, it could be Tuesday, and i'll have a full week with scheduled days, on what projects i need to work on, when and for how long. When i have to send them, and when i have room to experiment. 

Set a timer. Staying within the schedule is the next most difficult thing. Depending the project again and its priority, i set a timer. And even if i could be close to finishing it, i close it once the timer rings and resume the next day. 

It's so easy to get distracted and 5 minutes you may promise yourself could become 30 without noticing it. And you may have finished one project, but you'll either mess up your schedule, either another project will stay behind. Be strict, and the quick project change, will keep you refreshed.

Don't get distracted. Emails come and go, and clients may ask something real quite that could take me 15 minutes probably. I say, keep your head down, and work until the timer rings. You can allow yourself 10 minutes to reply to emails, catch a breath and then resume.

Enjoy it! Find a way that works well with your needs. It's good to experiment and at the end of the day you'll be always on top of your list with happy clients!

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17 October 2014


Graphic cover  designed by cocorrina

Oh Joy! More giveaways! I'm i'm not even close to stopping. Take the opportunity now coz this is a month only happening! This week, we're celebrating Ciera's 5 year bloganniversary. Such a long time right? I think i've lost counting mine. To be honest with you, i'd say i started 4 years ago, but actually blogged in the past couple of years. So let's say i'm still a newbie :) 

So let's talk prizes now. You can win a $400 gift card, and spend it anywhere in the world that accepts  prepaid Mastercards. So many things you could! If i where you, i'd already start making a list of everything i'd want to buy lol! Now seriously, what would you get? 

This giveaway will be running until October 27th, 2014
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Good luck y'all! 

16 October 2014


Don't know if you missed moo's 20% off a couple of weeks ago, i'm sure i didn't! It was the perfect time to get some new things printed. I can't stop watching my luxe cards, not to mention i have to be touching one all the time. They are so beautiful! 

The only thing i regret, is that i wish i i had inverted the front of the cards. Black background, white logo. I guess i'll go with clean for now, and darker later. 

Besides printing those babes, my very next favourite step is start sending them to friends and clients. A small thank you note to awesome people, for being awesome, is the perfect thing to make both of our days! 

Although someone would think i spent hours working on the postcards, i swear it was tops an hour. The wreath is from a previous project that i was able to use, i'm kind obsessed with it. And 3 quotes, where i wanted to show 3 completely different styles. What i'm always amazed by, is the numerous options someone can write the same thing. 

And really, because it's been such a long time since i posted a wallpaper, i prepared my favourite quote of the lot (only because it's black) for you to download. And this time, the phone wallpaper is suitable for iPhone 6 and hopefully big enough for any type of phone. 

Don't mind me, i'll be sitting here, admiring the glorious i6 mockup. Can't wait to lay my hands on the gold one! 

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15 October 2014


Like all designers, my style changes every season. To say the least! Although it's not easy for me to get stuck, or obsessed with a particular design. Especially when it comes to line and shape art. 

It wasn't always my favourite, style wise, although i always admired the detail of it. Until i actually tried designing patterns with shapes and lines. Since then, it became my method of relaxation. 

What i like most about it, it's how i can completely relax, and let my imagination lead my hand, on what shapes to put and where. I didn't erase not one shape on this concept above (and below) i just went for it and kept going until i was tired. But that doesn't happen easily. You kinda get sucked into it and can't stop. 

It's extraordinary how everything begins with just a circle.

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