29 January 2015


Last weekend we spent the whole Saturday picture hunting. The weather wasn't inviting at all. In fact there were storms, it was cold and really cloudy. But we were in for some adventure.  The colours of Mirtos were brighter than ever and you know me, i went crazy. 

I've had the great opportunity to collaborate with an incredible website and created two mini guides, with legendary personal stories on Kefalonia and Athens. At the moment, there's not much i can share, but it will totally worth the wait! I'm super excited seeing all the stories live myself

28 January 2015


Gotta admit that i pretty much sucked at school. Geometry was my leas favourite above all. It's so ironic how i'm discovering how much i love shapes though. When it comes to creating shapes & art only. The more complex the best. And not to mention the obsession i'm having with metallic geometry schemes, there's something really mesmerising about them! 

And with that, i'm still working on my next tattoo that's going to be a scheme as well. It's so difficult to decide on just one. And a little spoiler alert, they'll be part of my t-shirt collection in the near future! 

27 January 2015


There's going to be lots of love sharing these days. I'm definitely in the whole love mood this month. I've been witnessing more and more anger and people just being mean around the social media. Would people say things the same way they do, if they weren't behind their computers?

Being a blogger i definitely support the freedom of being 100% yourself, expressing your honest thoughts and feelings, but always with a respect to the feelings of the person on the other side. It seems that even thought we're in 2015 and everybody's routing for uniqueness, not everyone embraces it in they daily life, or in their daily thoughts. Although unique, we all share the same planet, we're all equal, and there should only be love for each other. 

Guys, just be good and spread love. It makes a huge difference for everyone

26 January 2015


With February slowly closing in, i think it's a good time for a proper Valentine's Day freebie. There's nothing more beautiful than a love card, to either friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family. Although love day should be everyday, it's nice to have Valentine's so we can all celebrate a day dedicate to love. 

After all, is there anything more beautiful in this world than love? Hope you all have a certain special in your lives, and again i'm not just talking about boyfriends / girlfriends / spouses. 

personal use only

22 January 2015


December 31 2014, found me working on the floor. To celebrate in a creative way, and send a greeting card to friends and clients, i nearly spent 3 and half hours putting tiny flowers into place. The whole 15 was about 13cm long (5in), so you can just imagine how tiny those flowers were. 

I still can't figure out why i didn't got for a larger 15, but eh, i'm up for any challenge when it comes to creating some art. The most fun was picking flowers, and of course putting them later on with a tiny pincer. No glue, nothing. With a cat and a dog in the house, it was pretty nerve-racking. Once i was done, i threw the whole thing it away. It was all just for the show :)

21 January 2015


There are so many reasons to celebrate today
To start with, Theo and i met exactly 5 years ago. I could write a whole book, on how wonderful those five years have been. How much they've changed me, how we've grown and how proud i am of the people we are together. Everyday, i consider myself being the luckiest woman on earth, and i wouldn't be if i hadn't a perfect guy like that by my side. 

Which brings me to how proud i am of my man. You probably remember the announcement of our company BeanBeam in the US. Theo's concept is slowly taking shape. Bringing us to the launch of the campaign on Indiegogo! 

I had such a great pleasure being the art director, model, graphic designer in this project. And not to mention participating the campaign's video. Which was crazy nerve racking, but helped me get over my shyness. Follow the link below, you can spot me saying a couple of lines there. Spreading the word about it, would totally mean the world to us, the more people we can get to know about Pinto, the better! 

20 January 2015


The Freelance Life 31: Comparison, surprised me so much, on how many of you fall into the comparison trap. Obviously none of us is alone :) It was so inspiring seeing how vulnerable we are. But you know, admitting  it out loud, only makes you realise it, and avoid it the next time. Thank you for your emails and comments and sharing your thoughts with me. 

There were so many times in the past that i looked back at my blog, or worked and went like, oh boy, what was i thinking creating / posting that? Sometimes even feel embarrassed. But that was the very moment that i realised just how important is to be bold about your work and seeking exposure, sharing your work and putting yourself out there

I've talked so much in the past, on how putting yourself out there, when it comes to your work, will get you seen. But only now i realised how from the very beginning, you get exposure and stimulate your own eye. It definitely helped me in a big way to practise my visual stimulations and aesthetics through out the years. Creating graphics, being brave and proud of them, and sharing them here and everywhere. It felt to me that unless you don't see your creations published, they're not real.

So i truly urge you to stop living in a shell, feeling doubtful of your work, talents and skills. Start being proud of who you are, your work, step outside your comfort zone. Our community is such a marvellous place and you'll be hugged in the most precious way. Not to mention the self esteem and motivation you'll discover. Once again, here's to exposure and putting yourself out there.