Very often, i’ve been asked how i make it through being a freelancer and managing my own schedule. Even more often i hear a response like: “I would be intimidated to stay all day in bed” or “I would be distracted all the time”. Well honestly, it has it’s ups and downs. Bad organisation leads me to work for up to 12 hours in a day, and still feeling that my day was not productive at all.
Being your own boss is the best and.. a stressful thing. From one side, you think you can do anything you want to – and when you master your organisation skills you can -. But on the other side, you’re running your own business, there are more responsibilities, more pressure and stress than being just an employee. As a result, you can get trapped into your own schedule, become an employee to yourself.

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This is the longest mockup you have ever scrolled through. Or is it? I can be full of surprises. After working for about a year now with Twila True and since the nail bar has already opened, it was the perfect chance to tell you all about the project!
It was such a huge honour to be the designer and art director of Polished Perfect in Costa Mesa California. Those who live nearby, have probably already heard loads about it. The style we went for the whole brand was clean, chic, minimal and luxurious. This has been by far the biggest project i’ve taken on. We designed from the brand itself, to lookbooks, loads and i say loads of products such as hand creams, nail polishes, scrubs, soaps, cups, napkins, mugs and oh so many more . A lot of parts that we worked on, have not make it to the mockup as it would be endless. You can find a few more shots that didn’t make it to the post on my portfolio though.
If you keep an eye on their website, social media or if you step by, you’ll slowly see the beautiful products unraveling.



I’m a sucker for Halloween. Those who have been following along, definitely know by now, that although i’ve never celebrated properly Halloween, it’s by far my favourite .. celebration? Every October, i turn into a horror fanatic. Well.. mostly! I’m not too much into splatter unless it’s AHS and i cannot stand the super heavy horror movies like Paranormal Activity.
I’m into the most artistic side of the horror. Zombies, Tim Burton, horror books etc. Yesterday we started a Halloween movie month, and will be watching one every day until the end of October. There are 17 movies in my list, missing quite a few to complete the month. I’m all ears if you have any suggestions!


About this totem, i realised that i hadn’t designed totems in a while now. This concept has been on my list for ages and since it’s the month’s theme, it felt like a perfect fit for a bit of creepiness. What i did not expect was the amount of time it would take! Around 5 hours and i don’t want to see or hear about dots for the rest of the week. My eyes are hurting but i gotta admit, i love dotting. In my mind, i’m covered with dotted botanical tattoos. Peonies, ferns and geometrical totems. I might as well start inking them, because i’ve got a long long list.
The difficult part on this one, was choosing between the blue and pink version. Since you can easily click on the image, save and use it as a phone wallpaper, i thought i’d post both of them. For boys & girls :)


And before i leave you, the amount of you subscribed to the Cocorrina Courses newsletter since Friday, blows my mind! WOW guys, i’m so humbled by the love and cannot wait to share a few things with you. I know a few are already asking about cost, dates etc. We’re working on everything and will be able answer all those questions for you very soon. The best thing you can do is subscribe to the list so you can be notified as soon as we’re ready.




Yes, you heard it right! Cocorrina courses are already on their way. The past year you’ve been quite interested in my design process, hand lettering, anything that has to do with design, how i’m surviving freelance life and all the creative parts. Well, there’s no better way than to take the time and prepare a few courses for you guys! I’m very eager and my mind is already filled with ideas and the things i want to share with you. The Freelance Life posts were just not enough to cover all the parts. I’m thinking, tutorials, videos, kits to download, explore, experiment and learn learn learn.
As we speak, we’re building the website, so i’ll soon have a launching date for you. The courses will take place every three to six months. I’m thinking about a week a course, covering a few topics at a time. Now this is were i need your opinion! What would you want to learn about? It could be absolutely anything. From branding process, to hand lettering you name it!


I created a special newsletter for you, so you learn first about the courses, launch dates and more!
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I am way too excited today to not share a peak into the Cocorrina Course branding i’ve been working on. Layouts, design parts, everything combines all my favourites; botanicals, minimal, bright and nude colours, and modern patterns. Not to sound cocky, but i love absolutely everything about it! Cannot wait to start preparing the courses, and guess what, there’s so much more that we’ll be launching this year.
And with that, i wish you guys the best weekend! Relax and enjoy, October is here, Halloween fever is on. We’ll be probably watching Nightmare before Christmas.



Ooh la la you guys! Where did September go? I woke up this morning, confusing trying to realise that it’s no longer August, and definitely no more September. I know today’s downloadable should be something related to Fall and although i’m in a Fall mood 100%, i felt like creating something a bit more fresh and bright.
I am somehow obsessed with the two-toned and ombre lips from SS16 runway. I only wish i could pull off something like that here. For now, i’ll settle with the odd looking lady i designed that’s supposed to be surprised. She looks more like horny to me though lol. Let’s say she’s both!
download wallpaper here
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On Monday, we took a unexpected trip to Mount Ainos, as we were chasing for some majestic atmosphere for the Aloha Gaia photoshoot. If you’re not following Dara on Instagram, then you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve been a fan of hers for a few years now and not only she’s gorgeous and inspiring all the way, she’s also the designer and co founder with Tania the jewellery brand Aloha Gaia.
It’s all about connecting with and loving earth. The jewellery is quite similar to the totems i’m designing, so you can imagine how excited i was when it came to directing the photoshoot.

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Now that is one great example of a dramatic brand identity. The first thing that Yvonne told me when we started designing, is that she wanted drama. Loads of drama! Spectacle is a new kind of arts, theatre, opera online magazine, and after meeting Yvonne in person in Berlin (she’s the wonder woman behind The Hive Conference) our ideas and style clicked instantly.
Our original concept included a touch of blood red. Think red velvet, theatre curtains, old kind luxury. Later on in the process we both realised that red was not working quite well and we wanted to go for even more drama. Black, white, copper and a marbleised pattern, that i got to create with my nail polishes. There was a peak in the process on my snapchat around that time. I struggled quite a bit  with it, ruined my collection of Korres nail polishes, but it was worth it all the way. There’s a nice grungy texture in the pattern, you can see the paper, making it look and feel old.

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