31 October 2014


lettering by corina nika 

Hope you all wonderful people are having a great halloween! I've planned to post something nice today, but being sick, and having lots of work to do, i just wanted to step by and wish you all a lovely day and weekend! 

Loved reading your comments on yesterday's post. It's amazing how even my most difficult day can get brighter with your lovely sweet words. 

Got some really exciting news today, amongst them, that i'll be taking most of December off. Like WOW. I can't remember when was the last time i was on vacation. Trust me, it wasn't this summer. Including a Christmassy trip to Athens, shopping and all. Plus i'll be heading on my first driving lessons next week. Not something i look forward to, because i have a car phobia (something like that exists?) but it's time for me to be a big girl lol. 

Enjoy your Halloween everyone! See you back on Monday. 

30 October 2014


It has been quite a while since we talked about weather. And you know how it's one of my favourite topics right? The past couple weeks, we can definitely feel just a touch of winter, some days more and others less. 

And cold weather, is my most inspiring. Waking up at 6am, while it's still dark, taking a hot shower, making coffee, wearing nice and warm pyjamas, catching up with emails. That's the life. And while writing the balancing act post a couple days ago, i felt sad about not having touched my camera for such a long time. 

That's why i decided today to go on an inspirational walk. Walk to capture the beauty all around me. Nature and rain, have been always my top sources of inspiration. Anything green, anywhere green, i'm happy. 

And walking in the rain is one of the top moments in history. Everything you see, changes behind the lens. 

The plants i walk by daily, behind my camera seem almost magical. It puts you in a different perspective. How everything in this world, even the smallest things, are beautiful and significant. They have a presence even though we don't notice them. 

It's like putting everything under a microscope, like seeing the world at last, as it is. The simplicity is beautiful, inspiring, calming. I hardly ever forget how beautiful our planet is, but times like this, observing the micro world, i'm in awe. 

So next time, if you're stuck, need inspiration, trust me all you need is some time alone. A walk  in the nature and a camera, to observe the small little details. Those make the difference. All you have to do is open your eyes.

photography by
corina nika / cocorrina

29 October 2014


I know i say that every time i post a new project, but how can i skip the part where i say that this is not my favourites? It has all the elements i completely adore. I can suspect you can tell it has my signature all over it! 

Kim came to me having a completely brilliant idea that sparkled my imagination right away. Putting the cool in taxes. Creating a brand that's both fresh, fun, cheerful but keeping it businessy. I say we achieved that don't you think? 

Kim has a wonderful way to help you with your taxes, making it an easy and fun process. We're also working on her website, with lots of helpful tips, sessions and much more. I couldn't help myself and had to post the brand at least, before i share more on the website. 

Palm leaves was our start point. Combining something that brings you to mind of vacation, making you feel peaceful and secure. Blue and lavender were the perfect combination to create that playful, fresh, modern with a trustworthy feeling. 

Obviously, i've started to really dig those style guides, such a fun way to present your brand and help your clients to know which colours and fonts to use to stay cohesive all the way through. 

A sidenote, to thank you guys so much for your amazing words on my balancing act post. You always have a way to support me, have my back, cheer me up, and words cannot describe how precious that feeling is. All i can say is that i love lots and lots! 

Back to the logos, here are a few unseen gems from our design process. 

house of tax

28 October 2014


Seriously now, this necklace takes my breath away. It has all the elements that made me begin my jewellery shop a couple of years ago. Strong, statement, edgy. 

Teaming up with A boy named sue and having them as my fall sponsors has been amazing. And now we're presentation you with a giveaway. A chance to win my favourite NALLIK Tourmaline necklace. 

If you haven't yet, take a look at A boy named sue, you'll find the most beautiful and unique clothing items and not only. Good luck y'all!

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27 October 2014


It's been quite a long time since i shared something personal on my blog. And even though i love sharing design stuff, blogging tips etc, this place started as a personal blog and i feel like not loosing myself in the flashy designs.

Life right now... has been complete nuts. Somewhere along the lines i would want to apologise for missing your blog posts, not being as much around on instagram as well. My surroundings have been my office, couch and bed the past couple of months. I found myself being really excited taking on tons of projects. And i do find myself in my happy place. Music in my ears, and creativity flowing all directions, but i do kinda miss the good old days, catching up with the blogs i love and spending hours on instagram, and picture hunting. That's exactly what makes this place so special. You.

I saw this graphic "way to success" yesterday and laughed so hard to myself. And it really is something like that. Living your dreams is not an easy thing, nor being successful at what you do, and lots of times you may need to make sacrifices. Like always said, the life of a creative is never easy, but always creative! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I'm finally where i want to be.

24 October 2014


It's that awesome, favourite time of the year again, Halloween! I've been invited to guest post on my Lifebox while Anna is travelling all around Europe, lucky girl! 

This was my first shape art that i laid my hands on a few weeks ago, that inspired me to do this shape art. Again, i love letting my imagination lose and play with shapes, dots especially on my favourite figure, Catrina. And perfectly right on time for your Halloween night invites, or a spooky wall art.

read my guest post 
and download the invites in white and gold on

23 October 2014


You already know my love and weakness for feral's black Jane in gold. But something you don't know, is although i come out as a typical - everything gold -  girl, with the normcore wave coming right on me, i've grown my love for silver. 

And although i bet you don't believe that i've got more colours than black in wardrobe, i swear i got pinks and shades of blue. Really light and really dark ones. That's why i couldn't resist the new Jane in navy. It has the bohemian - rock style with the wrap strap, with blue and silver. A perfect combo and addition to my watch collection! 

And wouldn't mind start rumbling about just how much i'm obsessed with ear cuffs. Till now i would swoon seeing them on others, until i took a leap to get my own. One thing i have to add though. They should come with a manual! Putting an ear cuff on is not an easy thing people! 

Took me like 15 min to figure out were everything has to fit, and then another 15 to try and squeeze my ear. Don't be fooled by the cool looking girl, i wouldn't last 5 minutes wearing it! My ear was hurting, and by the end of the photoshoot it got completely red and swollen. Such a bummer. 

It's still though my favourite kind of accessory. Along with watches of course! 

On top of everything, today is like the weirdest day ever. I've wore from a sweater with boots, to a jacket and then shorts. Completely insane and sad. The weather has changed, almost the end of October and people are still swimming here. 

I so cannot wait start feeling a bit cozy, with cold weather, jackets and all! I bet at this point all of you are.

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