22 May 2015


Answering an interview this morning for Laura, i was asked what was one of my biggest challenges as a freelancers and how i overcame them. And although there were quite a few downs and difficult times, one of the biggest challenges was my self doubt. 

When stepping into the freelance life, without having someone to guide you and especially when you're a self taught designer, you are always going to self doubt yourself. Because you simply don't know what you do is right, or wrong, if you're good enough or if you know enough. Slowly i realised that no matter wether you're self taught or not, we all end up learning things from scratch when freelancing. All is new, and we are building the steps one by one, discovering what works for us. When you become your own boss, you definitely gain a good deal of confidence. 

The only person standing in your way, is you. So choose being on team "you". Nowadays, although  less, there are those self doubt moments, but it's so much easier to get out of it.

01. get rid of negativity 

Oh, i know this one too well. When feeling down, being negative about yourself is the easiest thing to do. And the worst. Try to balance those negative voices in your head. What really works for me is to take a break and distance my self and my mind from what's getting me down. 

Stop thinking, take a walk or take a nap. Distract yourself by doing something that will relax you, why not mediate? Eat something that will make you smile and do something that will make you happy. Once you're in that good place, write a small list, top 5 things that you feel proud of. 

02. stop comparing yourself 

Most of the times self doubt comes from your need to compare yourself with other designers. And although i believe comparison is great to make you more determined and passionate, when it makes you feel bad about yourself, just stop it. We are all different, and work in different ways. 

Focus on writing your own history, discovering a way that works best for you, expanding your skills or perfecting them. Choose to to put more thought into yourself in a positive and constructing way. 

03. surround yourself with people who know you well

Not to have them tell you how awesome you are, but remind you the things you will forget. I'm so lucky to have my husband at those times. He knows me better than anyone, always bringing me back to my sanity. It's very important to wrap yourself with positive and inspiring people to look up to and to be inspired by their positive spirit. 

04. choose a path and go with it

In my first year as a designer, i was doubting myself 24/7. Was i creating the logos as i should? was my process as it should be? what files should i have? I was googling and searching desperately for someone to tell me what i should have and what i should do. 

In the end, i ended up going with what i knew at that time and getting the work done. Slowly,  my process and way of working developed depending on my needs. What i'm trying to say, is that when you doubt yourself about something, just leave it to the side. Do what you gotta do, and you will get it right along the way. 

05. understand what makes you doubt yourself

Creating awareness about what triggers it, is pretty crucial. Is it your lack of skills, is it just your mood? Once you can identify what triggered it, it's going to be easier for you to get over it. When you're being emotional, everything will seems more tragic, but when you see everything with logic, knowing why you feel the way you feel, you'll be able to overcome self doubt in just a second. 

20 May 2015


Last week, i bumped into those beautiful leaves and instantly felt like doing something playful with them. For a change, i created a neatly organised pattern with graphic elements. 

Yesterday we got ourselves a new scanner (as i overused the last one and it's not working anymore) and i'm still figuring out how to use it properly. I'm not super pleased with the scan quality on this one, but i can't say if it's because i did something wrong, or it was the shape of the leaves that wouldn't sit flat. 

Either way, i'm definitely enjoying the combination of neutral and green leaves. And will be looking into what kind of tree / bush that was so we can get some for our new garden. Which, btw we've already started buying some flowers, plants and trees, and it's going to be so so awesome! 

Would love to hear what your favourite flowers / plants / trees are! We're at that stage where we're looking into anything that looks pretty as we're new to having a garden. Any suggestions are welcome! 

19 May 2015


Introductions are not needed about who this lovely lady is. I bet you already know Robin Moses, as she's a Youtube celebrity. We had the wonderful luck to get to know each other, as we're both collaborating on big projects with Twila True & Polished Perfect. A project that i'm to unveil in a few months. For now, all i can say that i've designed both of their websites!  

For Robin's collaboration, i was hired to design her brand, collateral, website and packaging. Getting to know her, i was surprised to find out what an amazing, kind, loving and warm person she is. We had more than just a few things in common, with our love about magic being one of them, and Robin being known as the nail art wizard, the direction was very clear to both of us.

I'm not going to lie, i was freaking terrified to start working on the brand identity. Although the idea was there, the plan all set, it felt so out of my comfort zone. I'm used to work on modern, clean, minimal brands, and here i was trying to bring old age style to 2015. 

Lots of hours researching though, helped me better understand the mood and feel of the old /  vintage magician style. And once i started sketching, my heart started jumping. I was so excited to work on something so different, that it had sparkled my inspiration to the fullest. Looking back at the project, i couldn't be more proud. Which once again, brings me to the one thing that i always keeps saying: don't be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. I'm pretty sure it will turn out to be your favourite work. 

We still have to launch the website and the packaging but i was just really excited now that Robin is using her new brand identity, so i've been waiting for more than a couple of weeks to share this one with you. 

18 May 2015


Realised that i hadn't done a what i wore for quite a while now. There a few scheduled, but i really wanted to shoot this outfit that i've been practically living in. 

As with all trends, i start by disposing them and end to love them. This is what brainwash is right? I really wasn't into those gypsy crop tops nor culottes. Until i gave into them. This, is, totally the comfiest outfit i've put together. 

And no, i haven't dyed my hair red, but with that filter i'm starting to think about it. Kinda feel awkward and insecure posting that last picture. I've always felt odd looking straight to the camera, so you'll always find me wearing sunglasses or staring down hiding my face with my hair. 

For this shot though, the lighting was so nice (it's already evening here) and the sun was setting down. So i'm giving myself a pat in the back for at least finding the courage of posting such a close up of my face. Even if i'm sleeping :) 

15 May 2015


A small Friday reminder, for those who do everything else first. Hope you find sometime this weekend to do the things that you like and enjoy doing. And in case you keep forgetting, here's a wallpaper :) Happy weekend dear friends! 

download wallpaper here

14 May 2015


Thought i should mix it up today. Originally, i was planning to scan some jasmine today, but my scanner freaked out and wouldn't scan with an open lid. So i quickly run downstairs to grab a few plants / flowers from outside our door. 

It's the first time i see those bright pink / yellow flowers. I secretly cut one from our neighbour :) I'm sure she won't mind. Luckily it's noon here so everyone's either eating or sleeping. Sadly i'm doing none of those. Wouldn't mind being at the beach right now, God knows how i'm restraining myself from dropping everything and running to the beach. This weather makes it harder and harder to stay in my office. It does, guess where i am.

Back to the design now. It kinda looks like a folklore pattern doesn't it? I think my scanner crashed for a very good reason. 

13 May 2015


Along with cats, i could have eyes everywhere! There's a lot of belief in Greece in the evil eyes. To be honest, i'm not quite sure what to make of it. I do feel like it's a symbol of kind of protection. 

So far, along with the brave totem that i've been working on, i'm thinking of tattooing a small eye. It never hurst having one extra eye in your back right? 

download wallpapers here