28 July 2015


This post must have been the most frustrating one. It took me hours and hours to create, lots of swearing and self doubt, feeling like crap and repeat. I was desperately seeking inspiration to share something awesome with you. 

Ever felt like you're repeating yourself? Yup, that's what's happening to me. I crave to create something new, get out of my comfort zone, and just feel free with what i design. Instead of doing just that, i ended up putting restrictions today. I should create something pretty, something has blue, white, pastels. Don't use pink or purple, because i want to create "serious" art. Ending feeling completely uninspired and frustrated with myself. Art can be a real bitch sometimes. Art is not always easy. 

Today i drew lines, dots, peonies, boobs, leaves and god knows what i haven't lettered. While i was ready to give up and head out for some yoga with my sister, i found myself playing around with all my "frustration" doodles. Not thinking, just letting my hands move and put things randomly into places. THIS is art. This is exactly what i felt today, letting your thoughts, restrictions float away and leave your emotions create what your mind can't. 

OK, i know this is in a way not me, not the style i'm used to designing, more on the side of crazy art stuff, but i love it. I love how rough and raw it looks, yet minimal with emotion.

Now here's something that has got me a bit excited. I'm finally getting things done, starting by the redesign of this blog. I know we went through this back in April, and although i never shared it with you, obviously it didn't work out.

I'm refocusing on getting this space a more inspiring place for designers and creative spirits in general, a space where you can perhaps hear a different opinion or an experience, and finally getting a few more collaborations with other designers on the downloadable section. I'll get more to that later on. Sorry for going on and on this post, there's just SO much i want to talk with you about and connect. I guess i should just go back to enjoying summer for now :) Hope you're all, every single one of you, enjoying an amazing summer. 

download here

27 July 2015


The past week, i know, i've been the worst blogger ever. I have finding it harder and harder to stick with my schedule and stay creative, posting new things here, updating my portfolio, but with family visiting, the heat and the sea calling for me, i've created a bad bad habit. That thankfully feels so bad and guilty that will be easy to break. 

OK, after the long talk about how crappy i feel, after a while i'm sharing a brand identity i designed for a very lovely and sweet person and a fellow creative, Eva. 

This one, was one of the unique ones that i've worked on this year. There are quite a few to follow later on, but this one, has this airy, organic, sea inspired and handmade feel. With summer closing in (back in May) it was a fresh breath of air to work on this project. 

20 July 2015


I don't know about you, but the past days the heat has been killing me! Although the house is high up in the mountain, and practically in a good shade (from our almond tree), AC's are a must and we haven't installed them yet. 

True story; Theo woke up a few days at 1am to have ice cream in order to feel better. He's doing ice creams, i'll work my way with some frozen smoothies. While scouting recipes, i found this one that had me drooling for hours. Ingredients are easy to find, and this is going to be my first smoothie ever! Hope you're beating the heat this week friends! 

recipe from Cafe Johnson | illustration by Cocorrina

17 July 2015


This is the week that we -finally- are putting some art and photos on the wall. Naturally, nothing was ready from my side! I've changed and then changed again my mind on what quotes i want to write, what would inspire me etc. Eventually we agreed that we want to create some actual art on canvas. That would be obviously.. something abstract! 

One of my latest inspirations, has been Melanie Martinez. I bet most of you know her.. or not! but she's just amazing. I've been listening to her songs for the past couple of days on repeat, hoping not to drive Theo crazy. After all, who hasn't a dark twisted side in them? 

But back to the classics, commonly normal quotes to hang on your walls, i did a home sweet home, because, well duh, and a you're my adventure, because he is. 

I'm always more than happy to share the high quality prints with you (A3 that is and can be printed A4 and Letter i guess) and as you've noticed i never add a copyright because it's just ruins the aesthetics, and you can always remove it on photoshop. It has come to my attention that a few of my designs are here and there on websites that shouldn't be, so personal use only you guys, play with the rules! 

download here

16 July 2015


I've been using the word kind way too much on my graphics the past year. Truth is, kindness is the most important trade. Even Cinderella's mother said it (yes i saw the movie last night).

Haven't done these totems in a while now, and felt like it was good word to practise on. I wanted this one to be a bit more free spirited, with lots of curves and details, suns, making it feel.. well kind :) While i was designing i was thinking to myself.. aw it's so adorable! like it's smiling back to me lol. No? 

15 July 2015


This and the last week, i've been battling with time. I've had loads of days in the past where i prayed for more hours in the day, but never like this. 

There's so much to catch up with, house, work, feeling tired, battling for some me time, needing a change.. a facelift, something. I know, you'll say i just moved into a paradise like house. Truth is, we've hadn't had the chance to actually enjoy it just yet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, we'll be feeling more like home.

So i decided instead of stressing out so much, i should just take it all with my own pace and smile my heart out at every obstacle. And i urge you to do the same. 

download desktop 

10 July 2015


And oh boy, you can ask me any time how i've almost lost my mind. Finding balance when working from home can be super tough. I've found myself not leaving the house for weeks, staying in my pjs, messy hair, no make up and just working. Which, i know, to most will sound ideal, and in a way is.

I've experienced the toughest stage of it, this week. With the moving, chaos everywhere, and working at the same time, i've been stuck inside, and it can just drive you crazy. Now it really changes from person to person on what refreshes them, but i believe there are a few things, that will do for most of you.

get pretty

This is my number one and first on the list. Nothing will you feel refreshed than a nice shower, putting something nice on, and get your hair done. Even if your cat is the only one to see you. You're doing it for yourself, not neglecting the things that make you feel nice.

change your routine

From times to times. There are weeks that i eat breakfast in the living room, and others that at the balcony. Sometimes i take a shower in the mornings, others in the evenings. Switching your routine will make your days interesting, and why not get adventurous and do something for your self, or take a walk? 

take breaks 

Regularly! Even if it's just after an hour or two. From five, to fifteen minutes, for a snack, a quick walk, or to sit on the couch, stretch and take a nap. You'll feel much more inspired and less tired within your day.

make time to socialise  

No matter how your schedule looks, make sure there's one or two days that you stay away from your computer / phone. For me it's the weekend, and i make sure to make the most of it. See friends, go for a walk, visit a new place, do something different, interact and see people. 

meditate / exerscize 

With the last and most important, exercise. Signing for yoga classes has been the best thing i've done in a long time. Not only it gives me three hours in a week to change scenery, it also good for my body. Stretching and feeling more healthy, rather than rotting on the chair.

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