27 April 2015


This weekend was pretty much everything i needed. Exactly the perfect weather to relax me and get the inspiration juices flowing. Saturday started with a another visit to the house we're looking at. The deal hasn't been sealed yet, but while waiting, we went there for some daydreaming. One thing i can tell you about it. It's the one. And it has some crazy view of the sea. Now fingers crossed everything goes well. 

Later on a bit of cooking and seeing our friends on an almost summer night out in the balcony. Pictures from Berlin and Paris, and all the good and bad stories we had to share. Pure perfection. Simple moments like that are all i need to feel balanced.

Sunday, had summer all over it. We woke up on so much heat that we didn't need to think twice to wear our bathing suits and hit the beach. I may have not swam like Theo did (it's still way too cold for me) but sunbathing and sleeping on the sand was just all i needed. 

We tend to go to the beach very early, which was great to snap some shots without anyone looking, but to my surprised half an hour of we arrived the beach was filled with people. Hearing the waves and kids swimming, gathering some shells and rocks, and snapping so many pictures, i was in my happy place. 

Arriving from Paris, i had a lovely little package from Stampd waiting for me, including this adorable backpack. Now my bag collection is complete! I was looking for quite some time for the perfect backpack, spacious enough to fit all my adventure gear, camera, towels and all that. 

It was quite a risk to have a white one, but it's pure perfection. Can't wait to take it with me to the waterfalls next week. Yes! you heard right, we've got waterfalls on the island as well. 

How was your weekend? Did you get to do something new or focused on recharging those batteries? 

24 April 2015


It's quite the time to share with you what i've been talking about on The Hive Conference. I choose to go with one of my favourite topics, and since this was a 30 min presentation, i'll do my best not to blabber just as much here. But instead i'll give you the very key words - the cheat sheet

Like i started my presentation on The Hive, i'll mention here as well just how many different ways and opinions there are on Personal Branding. I never try to be the expert on things, and know i'm not one. Instead, i share what i've seen from experience, what has worked for me so far. 


Personal branding is you. It's the way you're presented, the way you market yourself. 


It's crucial to take some time for your self at the very beginning. Think of some crucial things, write them down instead of jumping right in the fun parts. 

      What are your aspirations, goals? What do you want to achieve? 
      What's your mission, statement, voice as a leader? 
      What are your passions, what excites you? 
      Specialise on something, what's the one thing you want to be known for? 
      What sets you apart from others? 


      Locate your competitors and aim high
      Learn from the them, differ from them
      Compare yourself, but choose to stay inspired, sparkle your determination
      Where do you see your brand in 5 years from now?
      Social Media - Which ones will work for you? 


      How you want to be known? Nickname, actual name, just first name?
      Choose wisely as you only get to do this once
      Make it personal. Don't stress for a successful, catchy name. Make sure it's timeless 
      Be consistent in the way you use it to be easily recognised and found.


Your personal brand image is more than just your logo. It's the way that you're introduced to the social media and real world, it's how they see you. 

       Start by thinking what's your brand about
       And is your image in line with your brand's mission? 
       The way you style yourself in profiles / pictures. Pay attention to all the details
       How you appear verbally on social media. Be honest, authentic and yourself
       Content you write and share. Is it all in line with your brand? 


From logo to brand identity. Choosing to work with a professional will boost up your inspiration and will make you look and feel like a professional yourself. 

       Determine the colour palette and stick with it. Does it express your brand's mission?
       Work with style. Whatever your brand's style is, make sure it shows / is clear on your logo
       Use Pinterest. Organise mood boards, train your eye, learn which aesthetics appeal to you
       Consistent logo through its variations. From primary, to icon, monogram, everywhere. 

what makes a good logo

      A clean logo is always a winner
      Impression point. A statement, something that people will remember. 
      Balance. From logo, colours, patterns, create a harmony. 


How social media will empower you brand

      Consistent images throughout the social media. Wether it's your logo or profile picture. 
      Consistent name in the social media. Easy to find + recognised. 
      Give your bio some love. Make it as funny or personal you want. It's your tagline. 

Being active, vocal and easy to approach has its benefits. 

      Be pleasant and friendly. Give your honest feedback but leave negativity out. 
      Moderate your mentions. A bit of everything daily. 
      Reply to comments. Best within 24h, or whenever you see them. 


See your website as your brand's house. It's where your audience will get to really meet you. Think as a user. Which website do you like visiting and why. 

       Get your domain name + email. It's gonna make you look so much more professional. 
       Choose the right website / blogging platform for you. 
       Clean layout. Organised, friendly. Make them focus on the content. 
       Accessible menu and social media. 
       Have an option for different kinds of subscriptions.  
       About me section. Engage with you audience, let them get to know you a bit better. 

to summarise with my favourites,
Be consistent, passionate and different. 

23 April 2015


I'm not gonna lie, it has been a nightmare going back to my old routine this week. Not only it's difficult because of the travelling, it's the fact that i returned sick and crazy tired. You know how i hate missing posts, so you can just imagine at what state i am that made me skip TWO days. Yup, it's been bad. 

But there's a good thing going on this week, the fact that we're looking for a new house! Yay! We'll be going further from the centre of the island, but aiming for a house instead of apartment with a good inspiring view. We might be onto something, but i won't say anything until it's for sure. 

Now, cats. That's an interesting topic, no? I feel like my style is changing once again. Going to a bit more organic and fun, so cats is always a good theme to experiment. Can't think of a worst day that my cat or cat videos didn't cheer me up. Cats are the best, period. So for my cat ladies out there, i'm sure you'll love this downloadable. Now if only i could print this into a cool tshirt right? 

download here
Pink: Pattern | Cats Word  Black: Pattern | Cats Word

20 April 2015


And got so many things to be grateful for! Starting with the fact that i'm back. Travelling is awesome, but boy, i think i'm not cut for too much of it. I value my peace and quite home a little bit more than i should! 

Secondly, thanks so much for sticking with me while i was gone! I haven't checked on the blog ever since i left, and i just did this morning. The traffic, has been nuts! Big HELLO to new and old friends, thanks so much for following along. 

I'll be sharing more within the week from my trips in Berlin and Paris, and i'm trying to squeeze in sometime to prepare a quick video of silly moments here and there. The Hive was superb. Thank you for your encouraging words and advice, my speech went smoothly and really, everyone was too awesome so in the end, there was zero room for stress. 

Paris! AH! I still haven't shared anywhere socially what i did in Paris. Well, i think it's time to spill the beans. As i've mentioned, it's one of the biggest collaborations i've worked on, and my first steps into the fashion industry, as i've created a capsule collection for Pimkie! You'll be surprised by all the colour and pattern i've illustrated. Dresses, kimonos, swimwear, the Cocorrina X Pimkie collaboration will go live in May and i can't wait to show you what we've been working on. 

May is going to be a big month for me, with lots of big news to come! 

17 April 2015


With this one, it was the very first time that i decided to check how many objects i had in my file. 1543, not bad at all! 

The concept of the iris, was to design everything with using just a circle. And i'll just say it was liberating. The simplest and effortless design i've created so far. There's a bit of magic in it, on how to place the small circles, the big circles, where it's really so much fun seeing the design slowly being built. 

16 April 2015


Have been scanning like crazy everything i find in my way. From fruits to flowers, to even objects. And oh boy i go crazy with all the amazing detail. Can't wait to get my hands on some peonies these days. 

Till then, take a deep breath and relax! 

download here

15 April 2015


This is quite different from what i'm used to designing. But i really felt like creating something powerful and colourful at the same time for a change. After all, spring calls for colours and fruits right? 

Am i the only one, or do you see a Nike ad here as well? Either way i love the fluorescent effect. Could we have more of it daily? 

download wallpaper