21 April 2014


Image and Graphic by Cocorrina

Happy new week everyone! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your friends and family. Here it was really quite, relaxing, with lots of food, coffee, cloudy a little cold weather, next to the fireplace. Not bad at all i say! 

Last week i saw this extraordinary quote on Indra's Instagram feed, and i was like bam, this is it. How perfect. I know we all say, "ah what would a day do?". Yes, we're all tired and want more than a day off of course! But, really. A day, on a tropical beach, i know would make my whole month! (then i would need some more) I've been feeling more and more tired lately, but weirdly inspired nonetheless. 

With rebranding everything i have (and more than you can imagine!), creating a new jewelry collection, keeping up with everyone, writing the book, and working with clients, seriously. Vacation in July, guest posters on the blog, and closing my shop is all i can think of! 

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And i  know you are thinking about it too! So here's a photo i took a couple of weeks ago at Myrtos beach. I could stare that view for my whole life i swear. The blue, is just so unreal. And imagine, that still i have never swam in that beach. Remember, it's the one i was telling you about a while ago, how the waves go really high and sometimes it's dangerous? Well, i guess this year, we'll just have to find a good day with no waves! 

18 April 2014


Image by Corina Nika, decal by Anewall

This decal, must be really one of the awesomest things around our house at the moment! Richele and Sydney were just so awesome to offer one of them from their shop a while back ago. When we got it, all i wanted to do, is finally put it up, but the earthquakes made it really difficult. 

This week, was the week! This quote, caught my heart right away. There's nothing prettier and more positive, to read those wonderful words every day in our living room. 

You won't probably have ever seen images from our house. Theodore and i have changed around three houses, and this is by far the best we've lived in. And although i have we have a bit glass door, balcony and amazing view, it's still quite dark to take pictures in, which discourages me most of the times. The best element in the apartment is the wooden ceiling i'd say.

And as i was tagged by Kevin from Thou Swell, this is now my favourite spot around the house!

17 April 2014


Happy Easter you guys! Wherever you are, however you're celebrating, i hope you are with friends and family. I wasn't really in the mood of dyeing eggs red (tradition in Greece). In matter of fact, i wasn't really in the mood at all, so much work, i just didn't get the time to get into spirit. 

Waking up today though, Theodore decided to dye the eggs red. It was his first time, so, excited, is the least i can say that he was! Red is not my colour, but golden and white is. Not too bad for a fist time right? 

What i used:
Golden & White Spray | Black & Golden Marker

15 April 2014


Have been waiting for this moment a long long time now! I can't seem to figure out, why hadn't i posted a full gold and black - silver version of the necklaces. They are already my favourite so far, and i can't take them of me! Since i'm getting easily bored, i love always creating something new and refreshing things up. 

And with that said, we are already in the process of creating the new summer collection. Which is just mind-blowing! (as far as i think at least ahha) It's in the same concept, still with concrete, but something so different. Really can't wait to share more with you! That's why i'm having a Spring Sale! 

With every short prism necklace, you get another one, colour of your choice! And sharing some love to my readers, an extra 10% off until the end of the month with the code LOVEU


What a week right? Not only you got the chance to win a $600 with Janee's giveaway, but we also are celebrating my amazing, awesome and beautiful and oh so wonderful friend Trina's birthday!!! Couldn't be more excited about my girl! Wish you an amazing birthday and year my love! Ok guys, good luck on both of the giveaways! 

Giveaway is open to U.S. and International readers. 
Starting on Tuesday April 15th at 12 AM PST and ending on Tuesday May 6th at 12 AM PST.

14 April 2014


Well that's a way to start our week!! My dearest friend Janee from Yellow Bird, Yellow Bird, celebrates her 27th birthday! So a few people and myself teamed up once again to share with you a pretty awesome giveaway! 
It's going to be a week of giveaways since tomorrow, there is another big one for you! Good luck! 

11 April 2014


Graphic image, and handwriting by cocorrina

So remember, when i was talking about opening a new shop? Yeah? well that's not happening anymore! I was going to open a new shop, with my own designs on tshirts. But you know what, the whole thing was just stressing me out so much, i figured out that i shouldn't pressure myself like that. 

It would be best to give my 100% to what i do now. And with spending so much time on my book, there wasn't room for anything else. So for now, i am slowly moving my designs to Society 6, and who knows, maybe when the summer is over, i'll have more courage to go on with this project! Have a great weekend dear ones! 

10 April 2014


It is very rare that i will share any foodie / recipe on this blog. But when i'll do, trust me, it's going to be worth it. 

Something you probably won't know about me, is that i have a huge difficulty eating meat. Not only because i feel bad for the animal itself (although i'll find it in my heart sometimes to enjoy it) but it's just feels so difficult to chew. On top of everything i have a bad habit chewing too much, you can just imagine, that for me, meat is an endless meal. 

But what i do love, absolutely go crazy about, is salads! They can even have chicken in, i love them. And most of all the Greek salad. There is no secret or rare ingredient. But when everything is local, you cannot but just adore the smells, flavours and how fresh and healthy it is. 

The recipe is well known, i'm sure. But here's the way i do it, in case you're doing something different. 

Put everything together and that's all. The portion above, is what i would eat for lunch by myself. The bowl, is a big size, salad bowl you guys. That's how good it is. Give me a sunny day, greek salad and maybe a table by the sea, and i need nothing more! 

Oh and one more thing. My friend Petros is having a wonderful giveaway on his blog, celebrating 1k of Facebook, and he's giving away a mountain cushion from his new collecting. Head this way to see more! 

9 April 2014


I think i couldn't be more sentimental than i am now. This project, has taken me more time than anything i've ever done before. Earlier this week, i mentioned the reasons why i blog. Well, this typeface is the result. I wouldn't have put so much time in it, to learn, design, push myself to the limits (oh you can't imagine). This feeling right now, is beyond happiness. 

Honestly, i would always complain just a bit on how expensive typefaces can be. I don't think that's something i'll do again soon. Guys, there's nothing more nerve-racking than creating a font. But also challenged. I'll probably try again soon. At the moment i'm creating one more (this is an easy one though) for my husband's new company. And who know maybe something new here soon! 

The font is free to download below. There are still a few things to change here and there, so if you find a bug please let me know in an email, and i'll be updating the link in the process. Enjoy! 

8 April 2014


Edit by Cocorrina, original image Zara

Today was a 100% summer's day. Yes, that includes sandals, lace cardigan and a tank top. Got me thinking, besides all that black and white, blush and greys, there's nothing more i'm obsessed with this summer than washed out, high wasted jean shorts, and lace. White or black, i can go with both.

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