27 August 2015


Well that break was more than i had ever wished for! It feels so good to be back you guys. How was your summer? Did you do anything refreshing?

I'm so ready for you September, you know how i always say September is perfect for new beginnings. Typically January is the beginning of the year, but for me September always feels like New Year. 

Meg, is doing a wonderful job on my blog's redesign, we're almost getting there...ek! I took the big decision and i'll be moving over to Wordpress. Theo surprised me with a brand new macbook. Yes, it's the July 2015 15".. i'm still like whoa! Speechless. How can you not be inspired when you have a brand new tool to work with? 

I've got so many new TFL's, brand new projects and rebrand's to share with you this month. I feel so pumped! But first, i need to find out why on earth my new beloved mac changes the resolution on my graphics. Any ideas? 

13 August 2015


Hope you're getting loads of it! As of Monday i'm officially on vacation, and trying to make the most of it! I'll be catching up the sun, and just enjoying life until the 26th. It's definitely quite the challenge to keep a balance between "working" catching up with sm, and taking a break. I feel like summer passed me this year, so there's a lot of summer to fit in within 15 days! 

Hope you're all having a beautiful rest of August, i completely failed on scheduling posts for those 15 days, but i'm already so ready for a brand new start in September. New blog, new projects, new look, new shop, all big will be happening! 

6 August 2015


Those who tunned in on my snapchat last Saturday probably saw some really great scenes. It was perfect, i literally go crazy for trips where you need to start early, get a boat, go through expended places to arrive to the greatest. 

And this one, was definitely the greatest. They say that this beach Petani, has the prettiest sunsets, as the sun is setting right in the sea. 

I've been wanting to do a sunset shoot for quite a while, and this place couldn't be more ideal. And not to mention the photographer did a pretty great job! 

We arrived early in the day, had the best lunch with sea food, calamari, fries, shrimps with the sea right in front of us. There were some crazy waves, and although fun, it was definitely not the prettiest just like the last time. A bit of napping, and then the sun set and we walked to our photoshoot location at the very end of the beach (were people could not see me lol)

So i jumped and i laughed and got crazy wet, and had two cameras following me. One Theo's and one my sisters who was catching it for snapchat. But there were minutes that nobody was there for me (not even the people who walked to us to see what we were doing). 

It was the sunset, the sea, the foam, all that beauty, everything gold and peaceful. 

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3 August 2015


Dedicated to the poor souls who have to work on a Monday in August. It's a crime! *says slamming fist on the desk* Well, i'm not the one to complain though. I kinda flipped my schedule today, had to clean the house, and had to go to the beach (busy busy schedule you see). But yeah, i'm paying the price as it's 9pm almost and i just started working. 

Long night ahead of me. Good music, and this desktop to comfort me. Hope you guys are surviving this Monday.. i bet it's tough for all -i'm not talking to the ones who're enjoying vacation already, lucky you!- I read that you had some awesome plans this weekend, hope you all had a great time and refilled for the long week ahead. 

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31 July 2015


You truly are! I just wanted to clear out of the way this week :) I cannot even believe how supportive you were on my last concept, you're always the kindest, brightest and optimistic ones. Even though it's a bit overwhelming for me these days and i haven't responded to comments, i'm always eager to read each and every one of them. 

Ok with that said, what you got for weekend? This week was completely nuts, i cried and laughed, got stressed and worked like i never have. Tomorrow we've got planned a trip to one of the prettiest beaches where we'll take a 30min boat ride, have some sea food for lunch at a tavern, do a photoshoot for one of the collaborations i have, and watch the sun setting right in the sea (it's the most perfect spot). 

And tonight, my hubby will take us girls out for a drink, watch the blue moon, (did you know it's blue tonight?!) and swim in the night. Sigh.. i feel like this graphic above. Bold, light and fresh.

Have a great weekend dear friends! 

28 July 2015


This post must have been the most frustrating one. It took me hours and hours to create, lots of swearing and self doubt, feeling like crap and repeat. I was desperately seeking inspiration to share something awesome with you. 

Ever felt like you're repeating yourself? Yup, that's what's happening to me. I crave to create something new, get out of my comfort zone, and just feel free with what i design. Instead of doing just that, i ended up putting restrictions today. I should create something pretty, something has blue, white, pastels. Don't use pink or purple, because i want to create "serious" art. Ending feeling completely uninspired and frustrated with myself. Art can be a real bitch sometimes. Art is not always easy. 

Today i drew lines, dots, peonies, boobs, leaves and god knows what i haven't lettered. While i was ready to give up and head out for some yoga with my sister, i found myself playing around with all my "frustration" doodles. Not thinking, just letting my hands move and put things randomly into places. THIS is art. This is exactly what i felt today, letting your thoughts, restrictions float away and leave your emotions create what your mind can't. 

OK, i know this is in a way not me, not the style i'm used to designing, more on the side of crazy art stuff, but i love it. I love how rough and raw it looks, yet minimal with emotion.

Now here's something that has got me a bit excited. I'm finally getting things done, starting by the redesign of this blog. I know we went through this back in April, and although i never shared it with you, obviously it didn't work out.

I'm refocusing on getting this space a more inspiring place for designers and creative spirits in general, a space where you can perhaps hear a different opinion or an experience, and finally getting a few more collaborations with other designers on the downloadable section. I'll get more to that later on. Sorry for going on and on this post, there's just SO much i want to talk with you about and connect. I guess i should just go back to enjoying summer for now :) Hope you're all, every single one of you, enjoying an amazing summer. 

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27 July 2015


The past week, i know, i've been the worst blogger ever. I have finding it harder and harder to stick with my schedule and stay creative, posting new things here, updating my portfolio, but with family visiting, the heat and the sea calling for me, i've created a bad bad habit. That thankfully feels so bad and guilty that will be easy to break. 

OK, after the long talk about how crappy i feel, after a while i'm sharing a brand identity i designed for a very lovely and sweet person and a fellow creative, Eva. 

This one, was one of the unique ones that i've worked on this year. There are quite a few to follow later on, but this one, has this airy, organic, sea inspired and handmade feel. With summer closing in (back in May) it was a fresh breath of air to work on this project.