November Offerings – Cocorrina

November Offerings

November Moon calendar cocorrina


As the year ends,  I felt the need to have a little space here where i can share with you monthly offerings, news, little spells, rituals and behind the scenes. These offerings are sent by our newsletter at the beginning of every month along with downloadable wallpapers and more that are not and won't be included in these posts. 


We are still settling here in Sweden, and while we’re currently enjoying the heavy snowfall, there’s so much work happening behind the scenes. In paper the Cocorrina company has been officially created in Sweden; we have the crazy task of transferring all of our stock and machinery here and eventually opening our office here as well. 

The Astrea Planner and Aurora Tarot are soon to be shipped, while I’m currently writing my big book on Runes! A new Rune Deck is already in the works to be created in 2024 along with so many other goodies. 


Hope you a Blessed November!


Celestial events November 2023 by Cocorrina

Magical events November 2023 by Cocorrina