Can’t believe i’m finally able to share the news with you. We have a sticker app! Woohoo! You might have caught a glimpse not a long ago when i did a poll on Twitter. Was having a hard time deciding which sticker should be our main icon, and here we are today, finally live!

The moment stickers for iMessage® were announced i knew i had to do a set. And actually, i’m already working on two more! This one, includes a few icons, gifs and lots of lettering words, while the other ones will be a game and a set of characters. So much fun creating these, i can’t get enough! The style i went for was a little brushy, with heavy strokes and lines, kinda funky!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!




A few specs about them, so you know what this whole thing is about. They’re available for iPhone® & iPad® as an iMessage® App with iOS 10 and higher. The pack includes 44 stickers, and i’ll be uploading / updating more along the way. Hopefully will make them a season thing as well.


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As you might have heard, yesterday was the Supermoon. You probably know how fascinated i am by our silver friend and naturally i’ve been thinking about this happening all week.


Long story short (it’s a long long story, including how tired and sleepy i was) we missed the Supermoon! Theo checked the sky at some point and said that it looked as tiny as always and i didn’t even bother double checking. Woke up today to the most magnificent images and reading everyone’s night adventures. And yes, the moon was just as big here.. :/ we just missed the right time or something.


Oh well! I’ll wait for when commercial flight to the moon will be like going to the groceries. I hope you at least enjoyed the beautiful sight yesterday and live to remember it!


This week was a little heavy on all of our hearts for many reasons. Whether you’re affected or not, i’m sure you must have felt all the negativity in the air. It affected me in quite a lot of ways and it was so easy to let the negativity take over. You might have spotted me rumbling a bit about it on Twitter, couldn’t help myself. I’m not that kind of person though. I love seeing the bright side in every aspect and that’s what i chose to do.

It’s not the easiest way and sometimes you might need time for yourself to feel sad. But at the end of the day things always get better, and you should focus on that. Let’s all enjoy this weekend and take some time to pumper ourselves and feel brighter. We all need it!


Today has been a rather heavy and gloomy day for all of us and it seems the day just draws all the negative vibes. Can’t say that today has been easy, one that i and am sure a lot of you will remember for days to come. However, i’ve grown to be a positive person and always believe that we’ll wake in a brighter day tomorrow. Sometimes it may seem impossible, but life can’t always be that bad right? It’s what we choose to believe and see.

I’ve promised to start sharing some of the great things happening in my life right now, and here it is today, a collaboration i’ve been dying to talk about! Earlier this summer, i was asked to design for Artifact Uprising, and work on a set for their 2016 Holiday Collection. I’ve been always admiring AU for the quality they put out there and there was no way on earth i would turn this one down.

What’s really awesome, is that the team gave me complete freedom to design the layout, lettering and the colour palette. You know me, gold, copper and silver foils, brush strokes, blush shades and some tangerine thrown in there. And voila! Here’s what we’ve created and i couldn’t be more proud.


A huge hug to all my dearest friends! It’s been a week since i last blogged as i was away on a quick trip, and oh how i missed blogging and catching up with you. I was pretty certain i would be able to blog while away, but as always that’s as impossible as me riding a broomstick.

November is here, and it’s finally a lot gloomier today! We just came back from our trip with new Christmas ornaments and will be putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow! We might be the crazy few who start decorating more than a month before Christmas, but it’s all about the cozy, warm vibes these days you know?

As for my little butterfly on this graphic, i must have spent a couple of hours trying to find a way to incorporate my beloved botanicals on top of the N. Not very Christmassy but there’s something light about it that just makes me happy!


If you know me well, you’ll probably know how much i hate being secretive. I’m always the worst when it comes to keeping personal exciting things away from everyone else. From the beginning of Fall, Theo and i have been working on some extraordinary secret projects that i simply cannot share with you. I normally would have already, but after dealing with other designers stealing concepts / ideas / actual artwork, i had to necessary evolve and keep all the big stuff to myself until it’s the right time. Kinda hating if you ask me. The whole fun is to share your happiness and process right?

These projects of ours, include lots of new skills, good old designing from my side and lots of icon making. Which is why i’m sharing a Halloween inspired set i did this morning. Sadly, my shop has been left a little behind, there’s only so much one person can do! I’m secretly hoping i’ll be able to have a calendar ready for the new year, but who knows?

Lots of exciting news and revealing them in November! I’m cherishing every single days these weeks, as they mean so much to us. Can’t wait to tell you all about everything!