This piece has been sitting on my desktop since last week and waiting to be finished. It’s my second attempt to illustrating with reference (birds of paradise in particular for this one) and i can say it’s my newest obsession!

Pink Martini music on, brush strokes on brush strokes and a little bit of sunshine, made this morning magical. Ever since the year changed, i decided to make a few more changes in my life and daily routine, that i’ll be sharing on tomorrows post with you. One of the things i focused on, was to concentrate a little bit more on the things i love designing, and what makes my heart skip a bit. It’s so easy to get distracted as a creative with all the trends, and with what’s “in”. So i went back to the beginning and discovered that i need a little bit more magic in my creative life.

So here it is, my first, close to my heart personal piece for this year. I kinda have this thing with birds now, and as always golds, stars and moons. You can see a little of the making of, of this piece on my Instagram stories today too! Lots and lots of brush strokes to create these feathers. I know you’ve been asking for more process, so i’ll do my best to update there my daily works.



Download here

Night Version

Solo Bird: 1920×1080 | 2880X1800

Pattern: 1920×1080 | 2880X1800


Day Version

Solo Bird: 1920×1080 | 2880X1800


*for personal use only

Hope you all enjoyed an extraordinary new year’s weekend and ready for a seriously awesome new year! We’ve got so much to wait for in this one. As days go by, we cannot wait to meet our little one in May, i already find myself thinking how summer and life here will be with a little baby. You know, seven was always my favourite number -it’s a lucky one after all right?- So i do have a good feeling for this year!

I’ve prepared two super minimal January wallpapers for you. Was aiming for a calendar feel, with some texture and decayed gold. You can download the two versions right below. The first one, i’ve already had for a few days, it kinda feels nice to have this calendar as a reminder for the very first month of the year.

January Wallpaper with lines

1920×1080 | 2880×1800

January Wallpaper with circles

1920×1080 | 2880×1800


Giving a tight hug and letting 2016 go is a lot easier than other years! I’m ready for this new one to come and have been for a long long time! We’re back from our trip to our families and we’ll be spending the new year’s probably at home with our good friends. Simple, warm and cozy. Just like i want it. May the new year finds us all happier and more inspired. Even if you’re going through hard times this time around, may 2017 bring you everything you wish and so much more.

I’ve illustrated two ladies for your desktops, looking exactly how i would like to look if i attended a fancy new year’s eve party. I’m kinda obsessed with that polka dot lace choker and with the star freckles!

Happy new year dear friends!



Download  here

New Year Babe Lace Choker

1920×1080 | 2880×1880

New Year Babe Black Chocker

1920×1080 | 2880×1880

It’s been ages since i last had the time to gather greenery and scan, to turn them into patterns. As we take our daily “pregnancy” walk with the husband and the pup, i’ve noticed how much greener it has gotten in the winter. I just love the fact that even though it’s so cold, nature has the most beautiful colours these days. So one of these days, i spotted this tiny little plant that its branches is not longer than 5cm long. Too adorable right?

While i started doing my usual “snowflake” botanical pattern, i thought i should experiment with something new – now that the new year is just around the corner! So instead, i went a little crazy and cut my snowflake pattern to Rorschach style design. Really loving how it turned out, can can’t wait to try it out with some flowers!


Here’s the wallpaper to add a touch of green on your desktops

1920×1080 | 2880×1800


Just like everyone else, i love giving gifts during the holidays, and even more writing note cards with wishes for friends and loved ones. Which is why, i created a set for you that you can download and print. I used a high quality thick paper for mine, and as the front and back side pdfs are aligned all you need to do is print on the same page back and front. Super easy!

At first i wanted to add some watercolour strokes i painted but i liked the simplicity of the cards just like they were. So you’ll find them as wallpaper. Because pink is darn cute and cheerful! Enjoy!


It’s such a relief that i made it right on time (although as always fashionably late). As always, i was racing with time to get these printed for the shop and epically failed! Spent hours and hours finalising the 2017 Calendar and i have to admit i feel this one is my favourite of all years! The concept was to create 4 line art / totem artworks for each season. I’m getting mine framed and cannot wait to change them every season, it’s going to be a seasonal decoration update by itself don’t you think?

I’ve created two versions for you – ready for printing. One with colour as you see it on the pictures, and one in black and white. You can either print it in black and white, or if you’ve got a printer friend, they can print it on coloured paper with gold ink – as it was always meant to be.

Here’s to a much more positive and full of brilliant moments 2017!


Download here

2017 Calendar in Colour

2017 Calendar in Black & White


Play nice and don’t forget: The 2017 Line Art Calendar is meant for personal use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. For any questions, feel free to contact me.









I swear i spend more and more time on my blog posts these days than ever before! Even though i don’t blog on a daily basis anymore, i spend hours and hours completing these designs. Seems like i’m becoming more of a perfectionist as i grow older. Or simply that i want to do the best i can i guess!

October is here, and it’s always my VERY favourite month! Most of all for Fall finally settling in, and the best thing ever, Halloween. At times i pity myself for being so obsessed with this holiday and at the same time never having celebrated it. But give me skulls, spooky things, pumpkins, candles and you have the happiest girl on earth.

Being inspired by a Zara skirt with some folk art, i wanted to create something sugar skull inspired. Dark and vibrant at the same time. Must have spent almost 10 hours working on this piece just for the pure joy of it, and to give you and me both a nice Halloween wallpaper. Can’t wait for tomorrow already as Theo is taking me to a pumpkin(s) run. This girl is going to decorate the whole house with pumpkins, bake pumpkin cookies, cake and tea and everything pumpkin nice!


Download Folk Sugar Skull Wallpaper

In Black and in Blue

*Personal Use Only. Sorry guys, but you can’t sell this art.