I debated quite some time on whether i should, how and when to write this post. It still feels a little challenging putting my thoughts into an order as i’m still working on figuring things through. So bare with me. Thoughts might be scattered but they’re all honest and from the heart. Truth is, the past four months have been quite a challenge, as i found myself a little lost and shaken in many ways. And trust me, i’ve gone through two major surgeries in my life, so i know a little about what can shake your life.

The day we found out i was pregnant, we cried and laughed and hugged for what felt a lifetime in the bathroom. This was our 6th pregnancy test in the past year, as the baby was determined to make as wait. Definitely worth the wait little one! I had already pictured myself as a mother and how perfect our life would be living in this house, doing what we do on a tropical island. Sounds and is idyllic! What i had never even thought of though, was how different i would feel about many things and how the whole pregnancy would affect me.



At first, everything felt super easy. Pregnancy symptoms? Not for me, i’m one of the lucky ones – i would say. Not a little in the first month however, it all hit me. Feeling sick all the time, not in the mood for anything at all and very quickly i found myself staying indoors for weeks. There’s not much you can do around here especially when fall arrives. So my super exciting / adventurous life (which was even more than usually this summer) was dramatically interrupted to what felt a little like prison. Well, it might not all be that dramatic. I’m pretty sure it was a lot easier than others’ pregnancies who don’t have the luxury to work from home. But a lot tougher than someone who has that maternity glow and gets up in morning with a reason to make herself pretty, interact with people and go outside.

For someone who draws her inspirations from adventures and finds her happy place in them, it was very difficult adapting in this phase of my life. My early morning routine was replaced by struggling to get out of the bed in one piece. There was zero time for personal projects and blog posts, no mood or time for inspiration and interacting with the rest of the world. At first, i started secluding myself from Instagram. There was nothing for me to share and i felt a lot of pressure to share a perfect picture that was not a memory of the awesome summer i had. Mind me, my life isn’t perfect. But when it comes to Instagram, i always want to share the most adventurous aspects of it to inspire and be inspired myself. Without being able to speak about my exciting news and struggles, slowly i withdrew and secluded myself from everything social.

So i threw myself to work. Undoubtedly i’ve worked on some of the best projects i have in my working years, with my most proudest works so far. Naturally, i cannot wait to start posting them and tell you all about the incredible people i’ve worked with. While work was fulfilling and exciting and all i had, i still missed my old self. I had done zero moves to adapt and somehow find that silver lining. I was honestly out of ideas, and felt powerless in contrast to someone who had figured a perfect balance in her life just a few months ago.

I only started seeing things clearer not a long ago. It’s not about how perfect your life is and how quickly you’ll be able to adapt to. It’s about allowing yourself the space and time to experience the moment as it is. Not all of our moments are thrilling, sunny and glittery. When the time is right, you’ll find your way out and you’ll amaze yourself by how creative you can get. Sharing these thoughts with you, besides lifting a major weight out of my shoulders, i’m hoping to help not only the new freelance mamas but those who are going through a change in their lives and struggle to find their old self as well.


People & Books

It took me a while to get back in the game but i finally went back to what i loved most; Interacting with people, reading blogs, seeking inspiration on articles and spending some extra time on Pinterest. I’m a little more isolated than i used to be. I miss my old funny snapchats, making videos, over-sharing on blog and Instagram. That’s who i truly am and i’m eager to get back to it. Writing this post today, gave me so much clarity on how i visualise my future and the kind of person i want to be as well as the kind of presence i want to have in the blogosphere.

While seeking inspiration in all kinds of places, i started reading some interesting books. A little nudge and teaching yourself how to think differently is always needed in situations like this. You all know “Big Magic”, but you might not know “The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck” and “Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” that my dearest Linda suggested the other day.



This part was the toughest one, and the one i’m still battling with the most. Accepting the fact that i cannot -and probably won’t for a long time- do everything that i used to do. Like, having a full day with a crazy schedule, working on numerous kinds of things and all at a crazy pace. Tight deadlines and a full schedule always made me more productive and creative, so i’m trying to do a reverse psychology here.

Not trying to battle with the situation and accepting things as they are, has helped me a lot do more with my time by doing less things and staying productive at the same time.


Slowing Down

This is something i will be practising on and incorporating in my life from now on. Slowing down is essential to keep my mind sane and always be in my happy place enjoying this beautiful experience. Waking up late-er, working on less but more meaningful projects, accepting the things i can’t do (like cleaning up the house every second) and learning to let go. Theo, Bella and i have created a small routine. We all drop down everything we do at 5pm every day and go for a long walk.

There’s this quote that has been my mantra the past month: “don’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good”. I guess it’s not bad to have a little chaos in our battle to make a perfect world. A little mess can mean that you’re setting priorities and at the end of the day it means you did what meant more and you’re happy.



Happy Thanksgiving dear friends! I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful time with your friends and families. The holiday season is upon us and this is something we all need for the end of 2016. Something cheerful and happy to look forward to.

My heart warms with all your wishes and love on our pregnancy announcement. The morning we woke up after the announcement, we both felt so loved and surrounded by positive vibes for us and our baby. Thank you, thank you so much! One of the things i’m mostly grateful is you. In a world were a lot of things and people are messed up and negative, being surrounded by all of you amazing individuals is one of a kind.

In a chaos of negativity these days, all we need to focus is on the good things. There are so much to be thankful, and this day is a beautiful reminder.


I told you it would be a month of big revelations. And our biggest secret yet, finally out in the open! We’re expecting!

We’ve known since early September, which makes me aaaalmost half way there. Though you wouldn’t be able to see a bump yet, it’s the tiniest you could ever imagine. It took everything i had, not to share the news with you the moment we found out as we’ve been waiting for this baby for a year now. You can only imagine how happy we are right now. Every experience, every step of it a little adventure.

What i hadn’t expected, was how difficult a pregnancy can be. Especially those early months, geesh! I can go on and on about feeling hungry and not being able to eat and about the all-day-long-sickness. Ready to put that all back now and focus on the exciting parts. Like, picking a name and preparing a nursery!

So many ideas, thoughts and inspiration to share with you.

ps. Spent a whole day learning the basics of After Effects just to create our Pregnancy Announcement card. Our family of four is growing!




Today has been a rather heavy and gloomy day for all of us and it seems the day just draws all the negative vibes. Can’t say that today has been easy, one that i and am sure a lot of you will remember for days to come. However, i’ve grown to be a positive person and always believe that we’ll wake in a brighter day tomorrow. Sometimes it may seem impossible, but life can’t always be that bad right? It’s what we choose to believe and see.

I’ve promised to start sharing some of the great things happening in my life right now, and here it is today, a collaboration i’ve been dying to talk about! Earlier this summer, i was asked to design for Artifact Uprising, and work on a set for their 2016 Holiday Collection. I’ve been always admiring AU for the quality they put out there and there was no way on earth i would turn this one down.

What’s really awesome, is that the team gave me complete freedom to design the layout, lettering and the colour palette. You know me, gold, copper and silver foils, brush strokes, blush shades and some tangerine thrown in there. And voila! Here’s what we’ve created and i couldn’t be more proud.


A huge hug to all my dearest friends! It’s been a week since i last blogged as i was away on a quick trip, and oh how i missed blogging and catching up with you. I was pretty certain i would be able to blog while away, but as always that’s as impossible as me riding a broomstick.

November is here, and it’s finally a lot gloomier today! We just came back from our trip with new Christmas ornaments and will be putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow! We might be the crazy few who start decorating more than a month before Christmas, but it’s all about the cozy, warm vibes these days you know?

As for my little butterfly on this graphic, i must have spent a couple of hours trying to find a way to incorporate my beloved botanicals on top of the N. Not very Christmassy but there’s something light about it that just makes me happy!


If you know me well, you’ll probably know how much i hate being secretive. I’m always the worst when it comes to keeping personal exciting things away from everyone else. From the beginning of Fall, Theo and i have been working on some extraordinary secret projects that i simply cannot share with you. I normally would have already, but after dealing with other designers stealing concepts / ideas / actual artwork, i had to necessary evolve and keep all the big stuff to myself until it’s the right time. Kinda hating if you ask me. The whole fun is to share your happiness and process right?

These projects of ours, include lots of new skills, good old designing from my side and lots of icon making. Which is why i’m sharing a Halloween inspired set i did this morning. Sadly, my shop has been left a little behind, there’s only so much one person can do! I’m secretly hoping i’ll be able to have a calendar ready for the new year, but who knows?

Lots of exciting news and revealing them in November! I’m cherishing every single days these weeks, as they mean so much to us. Can’t wait to tell you all about everything!


Can’t believe it’s the Halloween week already! I feel like sobbing for just a second because it went by so fast, and i wish i had stopped for a bit to enjoy it. Nevertheless, i intend to make most of this week, with squeezing some Halloween inspired artworks, Hocus Pocus on my noon breaks and let’s not forget Harry Potter every night of the week.


I’ve been lighting up candles every night and Theo has been teasing me about the crazy amount of pumpkins we have in our living room. And wait, until we spray paint them gold haha. We were supposed to carve the spookiest faces on a couple of them this weekend, but laziness got the best of us. Instead a lot of couch and tv was involved, and candle lighting of course.


Halloween week plans are pretty much the best aren’t they?