Maybe it’s a little bit too early to think of next year. After all, there are six more months to go. But like said, it’s never too early for a calendar! If you have stuck with me more than a year, you’ll probably know how every now and then, i create something in order to gather a small (hopefully big someday) amount for ARK, the animal rescue of Kefalonia. 

I’m always way too sensitive when it comes to animals. Unfortunately, the least the suffer here is being hungry. Being abused and abandoned are one of the words. And this is how we got to meet and adopt our Bella. Ark, is the only shelter we have on the island, and is already overflowing with stray cats and dogs. The shelter survives only with donations, with hardly no help from the government. The people who work there are devoted and have dedicated their lives to help those poor babies, keep the healthy, fed, safe and eventually find them a loving home. 
I wish you’ll never see all the horrors we daily see, with starving dogs, kittens, and abounded puppies running on the island. My heart breaks every time in million piece. How could it not to? There are always a lot of things around the shelter to do, besides keeping it running. Building safe cages, and vaccinate puppies are just a few for now. 
And a couple videos i’ve made in the past about Ark
That’s why i decided to put some love and hard work on this calendar, yes six months before it’s 2015, to raise an amount and help any way we can. The size of the cards is a half of A4 ready to print on an A4. You can use heavy paper and clip them together with a binder clip – that’s how i’m doing it! 
The donations are closed, thank you all for your support!
Here the link to download the calendar for free.



  • Sarah Wheeler

    I LOVE this Corina. Not only is the calendar beautiful, but you are such a sweetheart to take time to make something for such a good cause. I've been to a few cities in Greece and other places in Eastern Europe, and I vividly recall all the hungry, neglected animals. It always tugged at my heart. This is a beautiful thing you are doing. Here's to new beginnings…

  • Naiara Dambroso

    Definitely buying it. And it inspired me to do the same for my town here in Brasil. Thank you so much!

  • Diana Willard

    This is a fantastic idea — and such a beautiful calendar! I'm definitely picking one of this up…if only I could get a puppy to go with it! Hopefully one day…

  • Gloria

    You have such a big heart, Corina!! Just the other day, a sweet dog was found tied up in the sun and abandoned in my neighborhood :-( It's so heartbreaking

  • she


  • Maja Molière

    So sweet!

  • Jane

    that is so great corina! i love all efforts that help animals in need. i see so many stories of abused animals but then i'm met with just as much stories of people doing things to help them. bless your heart!

  • Maru | Fashiony Fab

    This is amazing Corina and a great inspiration to help, of course I'm joining, thank you! :)

  • Matthew Pike

    that's a very sweet idea, time, effort and love has gone into this. respect Corina.

  • Maira Gall

    Hi Corina, this is such a great idea and I love the design, I want to know if I can edit the file to change the days letters for their Spanish equivalent? If it's not possible I will buy it anyway, I adhere to the cause, being an animal lover myself.

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