Before i definitely say the typical oh boy, how did june come and go so fast, i’ll just mention how inspired i am by Miranti with the post she started about a month ago. Writing down all the highlights of your month, made me wanna do the same thing. Besides a graphic calendar as my blog is, and from here and there a personal too, i’d like it to be a little bit more personal, and a little bit more memory like. 
So here i go. Just how fast the month of June come and go?! no, seriously, it’s insane. Although we’ve started going to the beach and swimming, bitterly, i feel that i was way more excited about it during the winter, rather than i am now, that i’m living it. I’m definitely living every moment, not thinking twice, and basically go for literally everything. But even thought it’s hot, it doesn’t quite feel like summer. Maybe some vacation will make it real :) 
LISTENING: Like insane Brooklyn Baby. It’s just stuck with me. 
WANTING: to change my hair. And i am. This month, is the month. Get ready to see me blonde once again. 
FEELING: in peace with my self and my body. Like i can do anything. 
BOOKMARKING: Some really awesome yoga sessions my friend introduced me to. I went from doing everyday, to spending a good hour 3 times per week. Less stressful. 
GRATEFUL: for all the love you gave me this month. No words to express the feeling. Thank you
COOKING: brownies! Really simple, like 30 min prep and bake, and combined awesomely with some vanilla ice cream. 
FOLLOWING: Dara Muscat, that girl is out of this world. 
HOPING: to visit Diagon Alley.. man, i almost cried watching the red carpet! 
WAITING: for our trip to Athens in July and vacationing
WANTING: this bag.. a girl has to have a big black bag. 
WATCHING: What dreams may come – an old very loved movie. So much truth in this one. 
FIRSTS: Swimming on the 7th, and seeing the sea in those amazing blue colours.
PROUD: of my collaboration with Vincent Vega


  • http://studio-404.com/ Angel Y.

    My friend said the Diagon Alley red carpet was just as amazing as it looked while streaming. I hope you do get to visit Orlando! :)

  • chelseaandthecity

    I loved this post Corina and can't wait to see more of them in the coming months. I love it when bloggers get a little more personal… I just feel like old friends catching up!

  • http://www.oh-sopretty.com/ Victoria | Oh So Pretty

    Ooo what yoga sessions have you been doing?? And I'm super excited to see that blonde! You know you are gorgeous with any hair color!

  • http://typeandtitle.com/ maggie

    seriously, june went by SO fast! i have no idea what happened to it. also, i love this post, i might have to steal it from you and miranti too! so good! love hearing what y'all are up to :)

  • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

    I really like the idea of taking stock and looking back at each month. I might try this! Also, that brownie recipe looks delicious. I'm bookmarking that!

  • http://www.oftreesandhues.com/ Latrina M.

    This is so beautiful, C! I love that you included links too, I have so many opened up that I can't wait to visit. :)

    Also, so great to hear that you love What Dreams May Come! That movie often gets so much crap ( why!? ) but I just love it. :) So beautiful.

    Blonde!? I can't wait to seee! :)

  • Giulia Duch Clerici

    it definitely felt like it was going by oh so fast! but you seem to have great memories, so don't worry, it didn't go to waste!

  • Diah Aryanti

    I'm hoping for the same thing.

  • http://www.fashionyfab.com Maru | Fashiony Fab

    This is a great post! I can't wait to see you with blond hair, I'm sure you are going to look beautiful 😉

  • Miranti

    Love this Corina! I can't wait to see your hair – oh my goodness!