Not kidding you, this is the first time i’ve witnessed something so beautiful in my life. Today, the beach we usually go, instead of having the typical turquoise clear colour, was something like fluorescence blue – as if you were swimming in milk. 

The science theory goes something like: Colder waters hold much more oxygen and CO2 per volume than warmer waters. The dissolved gasses allow much more phytoplankton and zooplankton to live. Its the phytoplankters that make water green and cloudy (mostly) and where they are absent the water appears blue and clear.” Guys. It was amazing. Everybody went crazy taking pictures and with big waves, you felt like you were in an aqua park. 

I wish i could upload all 800 of the pictures i took (this girl went crazy!) but still, please bare with me with all of those! Now i’m only hoping tomorrow is the same

And because personally i find this shot insanely good, i turned it into a wallpaper for you. It definitely looks magical on my desktop! 



  • Natalie Groth

    Wow. That blue is gorgeous!! And is that your handwriting??? Love it! I'm looking for a font like that !

  • Valerie

    wow I can't believe these colours!!!!

  • Jane

    the colors are amazing! such pretty blues!

  • Latrina M.

    Wow, you're right — those colors are gorgeous! I would love to have swam in a sea of colors like that. :) I'm glad you shared the photos with us, C! This is just gorgeous! xo and happy you were able to experience something like that too. :)

  • Nan // Simply Elegant

    Oh my gosh such beautiful images! Looks as though you all caught the perfect day at the beach. Wow..just amazing!

  • tollydollyposh

    WOW. WOW. WOW. I want to go to this beach! Looks amazing <3

  • Bri

    this is so neat! wow! also, i'm super jealous that it's warm enough to swim for you. even on the hottest days here i don't dare touch the water. burrrrr!

  • Tara Victoria

    oh my goodness! how beautiful!! those colours are insane, definitely photos i'd treasure forever!

  • Noor

    Wow I love it. You are living my dream. SO SO pretty :)

  • Vel

    Love it, so refreshing! Thank you!

  • Jessica at Team Wiking

    This is so beautiful! And your bum, oowwwww. 😛

  • Petra

    looks beautiful. I wish the water was like this here.

  • Ruth Ridgeway

    BEAUTIFUL colours!!! I can see why you went insanely crazy with your umpteen thousand photos, so would have done the same! 😉

  • Shari

    Beautiful colors and OMGOSH.. dat ASS!!! :) ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Kate Hall

    These photos are stunning! I love the shades of blue!

  • Laila

    These photos are really beautiful, I'm right now in my working on my last uni project for this year and I wish I could go to that beach right now, the shades of blue of the sea are so so beautiful, it feels like a paradise.

    btw, thank you for that walpaper, I'm using it!


  • eeny

    wow, stunning. you live in paradise, that's for sure.

  • Miranti

    Just stunning Corina! What a brilliant shade of blue. I'm glad you took a heap of photos :)

  • Lauren | Breathe & Nourish

    So amazing and wow-inducing. Thanks for the desktop wallpaper! :)

  • Katrina Sophia

    wow I am in awe of this breathtaking scenery. you are so lucky to experience all that :-)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  • nyan

    wow that was some sick color porn! thanks for the wallpaper xx

  • Rachel // Nourish

    Such spectacular shades of blue – wow. Thank you for the beautiful wallpaper xx

  • Matthew Pike

    This looks incredible, and you got to swim in it! So it is rare to turn such a blue?

  • Katia E

    Wow, definite magic!
    You look as though you're greatly enjoying yourself, lovely photos!

  • chelseaandthecity

    This is so insanely gorgeous! I can't believe those perfect colors.

  • Liz

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Stephanie

    Wow! I don't think I've ever seen such vibrant blue water in person. Thanks for the wallpaper!

  • sally mussellwhite

    Wow! This is incredible, and soooo beautiful! Such great photos, that's a seriously fab desktop!

  • Jenna

    Amazing. Just beautiful.

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    Amazing & refreshing! I just want to dive in! xxx

  • Olivia M

    wow that is so beautiful I can't stop looking at it! I wish I was there x